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Aa! Megami-sama

Also known as:

Oh My Goddess

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[Kamisama no Okurimono] [Original Soundtrack 1] [Singles] [The Movie Original Soundtrack] [Tokuten-ou]

Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Jitensha Japanese Kanji available English Translation Bicycle Skuld Song
Onigiri Japanese Kanji available English Translation Rice Balls Skuld Song
Ah! My Goddess N/A Belldandy, Urd, Megumi Song
Anata no BIRTHDAY Japanese Kanji available English Translation Your Birthday Belldandy Song
Congratulations MIDI audio available Japanese Kanji available English Translation Flash video available Ending Song
DENWA shite DAARIN Japanese Kanji available English Translation Flash video available Telephone Rings for the Hero "Mini-Adventures" Ending Song
everlasting Japanese Kanji available OAD Theme
Fortune Smiled on You N/A Urd Song
Hanabira ni Kioku Memory of Petals Urd Song
Itsumademo Koko ni Imasu English Translation Staying Here Eternally from the movie
Kagami o Nukete The Escaping Mirror -
Kimi o Kaerarenai, Boku ga Tsutawaranai I Can't Change It, I Can't Be Transmitted Belldandy, Skuld, Urd Song
Maakasenasaaaaiii English Translation Leeeeeeeeave it to Meeeeeee -
Make a Way Please N/A -
Namida no Imi Meaningful Tears Belldandy Song
Negai Japanese Kanji available Desire Ending 1
OPEN YOUR MIND ~Chiisana Hane Hirogete~ Japanese Kanji available English Translation Flash video available Open Your Mind ~Spread Your Small Wings~ TV Opening Song
Tenraki no e - Belldandy, Skuld, Urd Song
WING 2nd ending
XXX (Kiss Kiss Kiss) English Translation N/A -

Kamisama no Okurimono
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Kata Omoi Shika Shiranai Kuse ni Despite Only Knowing Unrequited Love
Ribbon Belldandy Song
Senaka Awase no Tokimeki The Excitement of Our Backs Together
Poketto ni Kakushita Tebukuro Gloves Hidden in My Pocket
Cookie's Story
Kanashii Neiro no Orugoru The Sad-toned Music Box
Shiroi Yousei White Fairy
Mata Koi o Shiyou Yo Let's Fall in Love Again!
Kami-sama no Okurimono A Gift from God

Original Soundtrack 1
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai MIDI audio available Japanese Kanji available English Translation Flash video available My Heart Won't Let Me Say, I Want to be Certain of Your Heart Opening Song

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Shiawase ga Kasakusuru Japanese Kanji available - Belldandy, Skuld, Urd Song
Megami wa Utau Japanese Kanji available English Translation GODDESS SINGS Belldandy Song
Megamisama to Oyobi Call Me Goddess Urd Song
Kodomo Atsukai Shinaide yo Japanese Kanji available English Translation Don't Treat Me Like a Child! Skuld Song
Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo Girl Awaiting a Shooting Star Urd Song
Aijou Affections Belldandy Song
Tsukamaranai yo! I Won't Be Caught! Skuld Song
Hottokenai no sa Help of a Compassionate Heart Urd Song
Megami no Kimochi English Translation A Goddess' Feelings Belldandy Song
10  WALTZ de Aisatsu Waltz of Greeting Skuld Song
11  Hoshizora Shoukan English Translation Starry Sky Summons Urd Song
12  Koi no Housoku Japanese Kanji available Law of Love Skuld Song
13  Boku to Ikiru Koto ga Kimi no Shiawase MIDI audio available English Translation Living with Me is Your Happiness Belldandy or Keiichi Song
14  Kami-sama no Dengon Japanese Kanji available English Translation God's Message Belldandy, Skuld, Urd Song

The Movie Original Soundtrack
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Koi no Lesson 3 Love Lesson 3 Sora Song (Movie)
12  Recollection ~ Nostalgia N/A Belldandy's Song (movie)
24  Coro di dea - Megami-tachi no Utagoe English Translation Flash video available Coro di dea - Voices of Goddesses From the Movie
26  Try To Wish - KIMI ni hitsuyou na mono- Japanese Kanji available English Translation Flash video available Try To Wish - I Must Have Something- Movie Theme Song

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
High Quality Song Japanese Kanji available N/A Sayoko Song
Ottoko to Megami no LOVE SONG Japanese Kanji available Man and Goddess Love Song Belldandy and Keiichi Song
Shyogakusei Jyanain Dakara Japanese Kanji available - Megumi Song
Butsumetsu Unlucky Day -
Nekomi no Hito - Mara Song
10  Tatakai! Bampei-kun RX! Fight! Bampei-kun RX! -
12  Seichou jidoushabu buka - Keiichi, Tamiya, Otoku, & Hasegawa Song
14  Katte ni Namae o Tsukawanai Dene Once My Name Sent a Message -
16  Sakkyoku-kun Mechya tto Asobo Sakkyoku-kun Mecha Fun Skuld and Sakkyoku-kun Song
18  Chikyuu ga Hohoemu Yoni Earth Smiles for Us Belldandy, Skuld, Urd Song

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