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Album / Collection: BURN-UP W SOUND FILE 1: MISSION
Track # 1

Description: Opening Song, 1st OAV Ending Song

Performance: WONDER LOVE
(Vocals: Nakamura Chika)
Lyrics: Hara Mayumi
Music & Arrangement: Nanba Hiroyuki

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Burn Up Your Heart!

Lyrics from
Burn up your heart!

Lyrics from
Taikutsu-sugiru ai ja
Kono haato ubaenai
Suriru wo dakishimetai no    Hurry Up!

Lyrics from
A love that's too boring
Can't steal my heart
I want to embrace the thrills; hurry up!

Lyrics from
Ichibyougoto ni kawaru
Nyuusu yori sawaideru
Kirameku yokan no yukue

Lyrics from
The whereabouts of a glittering premonition
Cause more of an uproar than news
That changes in the space of a second

Lyrics from
Shinjiro koto wo shitta nara
Sou    dokomademo hashireru
Hoshii mirai ha soba ni    kitto

Lyrics from
If you know what it means to believe
Then, yes, you can run forever
The future you desire is near you for sure

Lyrics from
Akirame nante nagesutete
Saa    atarashiku narou yo
Atsui hitomi no mama ni    Run Up!

Lyrics from
Toss off your resignations
C'mon, and let's renew ourselves
With our eyes blazing, and run up!

Lyrics from
 * Flash Your Dream!
   Ichido no ima wo    Get It On!
   Moyashitsudzukete ikiteru kanji ga suki sa
   Flash Your Days!
   Nando mo yume wo    Get It On!
   Kanaetsudzukete kagayaku kokoro ga suki sa

Lyrics from
 * Flash your dream!
   Get it on with the one-time present!
   I love the feeling of living as I continue to burn
   Flash your days!
   Get it on over and over with your dreams!
   I love a heart that shines as it keeps making them come true

Lyrics from
Yasashisa dake no Kiss ja
Jounetsu ni todokanai
Kiken na kake hodo ii wa

Lyrics from
A kiss with nothing more than kindness
Won't reach passion
It's got to have a dangerous risk

Lyrics from
Ai-suru koto wo shitta nara
Sou    dokomademo mamoreru
Sore wo yuuki to yobu yo    kitto

Lyrics from
If you know what it means to love
Then, yes, you can protect forever
That's what you'd call courage for sure

Lyrics from
Karada no naka ni noboridasu
Hora    shizumanai taiyou
Atsuku michibiku you ni    Wake Up!

Lyrics from
The unsinking sun
Look, starts to rise within my body
So that it'll guide me hotly to wake up!

Lyrics from
Flash Your Dream!
Ichido no ima ga    Get It On!
Hikaritsudzukete hajikeru kanji ga suki sa
Flash Your Days!
Nando mo ai wo    Get It On!
Tsuyoku dakishime te ni suru ashita ga suki sa

Lyrics from
Flash your dream!
The one-time present will get it on!
I love the effervescent feeling of continuing to shine
Flash your days!
Get it on over and over with love!
I love the tomorrow that I grasp by embracing it tight

Lyrics from
 * Repeat

Lyrics from
 * Repeat

Lyrics from
Itsudemo    Don't Give Up!

Lyrics from
Don't give up, ever!

Lyrics from
Burn Up Your Heart!

Lyrics from
Burn up your heart!

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