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Hi no Izuru Kuni Jipangu
Country Where the Sun Rises, Cipangu

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Album / Collection: HETALIA Character CD Vol.3 Japan
Track # 2

Description: Japan's Character Theme

Sung by: Takahashi Hiroki
Lyrics, composition and arrangement: DY-T

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Iro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo
Hi no izuru kuni Jipangu

Lyrics from
Even the fragrant flowers will scatter[1]
The country where the sun rises first, Cipangu[2]

Lyrics from
("Aratamemashite Nihon desu.
Shumi wa kuuki wo yonde
Hatsugen wo tsutsushimu koto desu")

Lyrics from
("Nice to meet you again, I am Japan.
My hobbies are...
Reading the mood and refraining from speaking.")

Lyrics from
Nagai rekishi no naka ni wa
Hikikomotte ita toki mo aru
Minasan yori wa
Unto jisan touyou ni ukabu watashi

Lyrics from
In my lengthy history
There were times I hid away[3]
Compared to everyone else
I'm an old man, floating in the orient

Lyrics from
Amerikasan no murinandai ni
Hibi keikenchi wo age ganbatte
Sugoi iro desu
Taberaremasen demo moratte shimau watashi

Lyrics from
From America-san's unreasonable requests
I raise my experience points every day and strive on
It's an amazing color
But I cannot eat it, and yet I still accept it

Lyrics from
Wakai hito ni wa tsuite ikenai
Sonna koto wo omou hi mo aru
Shikashi bushi no tamashii dake wa
Wasurete wa inai no desu

Lyrics from
There are also days I feel like
I'll never understand these young ones[4]
But my warrior spirit
Is the one thing I haven't forgotten

Lyrics from
Kogadaka nara makasete kudasai
Iro mo sorezore goyoui shitemasu
Nijigen nara karada yogoremasen
Kokoro wa sukoshi yogoremasu ga

Lyrics from
When it comes to minaturization, please leave it to me
I have even prepared one in every color
When it comes to 2D, the body will not be corrupted
Though the heart will, a little

Lyrics from
Iro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo
Hi no izuru kuni Jipangu

Lyrics from
Even the fragrant flowers will scatter
The country where the sun rises first, Cipangu

Lyrics from
Kuni wo hiraita totan ni
Odorokimashita gekihen de
Youfuku kutsu ni chikara no kagiri!
Demo sugu narete shimau watashi

Lyrics from
Just as this country opened up
I was shocked by all of the sudden changes
I wore western clothes and shoes as best as I could!
But I quickly got used to them

Lyrics from
("Juunen hodo ita dakeba...")

Lyrics from
("Just give me another 10 years...")

Lyrics from
Hakkiri to shiro to iwaremasu ga
Hito yori zutto kangaete ite
Dakara Yes to No dake de wa
Katari tsukusenai mono desu

Lyrics from
I am told to speak more precisely
But I think about things more than the others
So just saying "yes" or "no"
Does not best serve my purposes

Lyrics from
Arenji nara makasete kudasai
Karee wa pan ni mo gohan ni mo aimasu
Kutsujoku ni wa totemo taeraremasen
Kaku naru ue wa seppuku desu...ara?

Lyrics from
When it comes to the arrangements, please leave it to me
Curry goes well with bread or rice
I cannot bear any sort of humiliation
Since it has come to this, I must commit seppuku...right?

Lyrics from
Kono umi no ue ni wa tayou na kuni atte
Omonjite ita koto mo kutsugaeru

Lyrics from
I met various countries on top of this ocean
And everything I revered was turned up-side down

Lyrics from
("Haru wa akebo
Natsu wa yoru desu
Aki wa yuugure
Fuyu wa tsutomete")

Lyrics from
("A spring sunrise
A summer night
A fall evening
An early winter morning")

Lyrics from
("Ten wo terasu kami no moto
Watashitachi no rekishi wo
Mata sennen tsumugimashou ne...")

Lyrics from
("Underneath the heavens
Illuminated by the gods,
Let our history unravel for another millenium")

Lyrics from
Hana wa nioedo chitte yukimasu
Tsuki wa michitara kake yuku mono desu
Shiki no utsuri no kaori yutaka na
Watashi wa kono kuni ga suki desu

Lyrics from
Even the fragrant flowers will scatter[5]
The moon fades after it is full
The plentiful scent of the changing seasons
I love this country

Lyrics from
Iro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo
Hi no izuru kuni Jipangu 

Lyrics from
Even the fragrant flowers will scatter
The country where the sun rises first, Cipangu 

[1] This is a line from the Japanese poem "Iroha", dated back to the Heian era. It is unique because it contains every character of Japanese syllabary exactly once.
[2] The name given to Japan by Marco Polo.
[3] The word used here is "hikikomotte", which you might recognize as a verb form of "Hikikomori", using a modern term to reference the time Japan was closed off to the rest of the world.
[4] The kanji given here is "kuni" meaning "country", but the pronunciation given is "hito" meaning "person".
[5] As opposed to the first line of the song, which is in archaic Japanese, this line has a similar meaning in modern Japanese.

Translated and transliterated by Rizuchan

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