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Taisou Gikyoku
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Album / Collection: Black Butler II Character Song 06: Undertaker
Track # 1

Sung by Undertaker (Jun'ichi Suwabe)

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
kegareta koshitsujitachi ni
eien no ansoku o ataeta mou
ima yasuraka ni nemure
ihihihi hihihi saa oide

Lyrics from
To the sullied corrupted lambs,
I hand down eternal repose.
Now fall into a peaceful slumber.
Ahehehe hehehe, now come to me.

Lyrics from
"shousei ni houmurareru okyakusan wa shiawase mono da
 shousei no te ni yotte
 jinsei saigo no maku o kazareru n da kara nee"

Lyrics from
"My guests are lucky to be buried by my humble self.
 Through the hands of my humble self,
 they are able to decorate the final curtain of their life."

Lyrics from
dare mo nigareru michi wa nai
mujou naru yo no sadame
ihihihi hihihi tsugi wa anata

Lyrics from
There is no way to escape for anyone,
as this is the fate of this transient world.
Ahehehe hehehe, you are next.

Lyrics from
"sore ni shite mo bussou na yononaka
 akuma ni mo dekinai zankoku na ketsumatsu
 maa shousei ni totte wa
 omoshiroi kagiri da kedo nee"

Lyrics from
"But society certainly has gotten dangerous;
 it'll have an end too cruel even for the demons.
 Oh well, if you ask my humble self,
 all it matters is that it be interesting."

Lyrics from
aa zangyaku mujihi na hito no yo wa oroka

Lyrics from
Ah, the brutal and merciless human world is so foolish.

Lyrics from
"saa tsugi no okyakusan ga kita yo
 kawaigatte ageyou ka nee"

Lyrics from
"Now the next guest has arrived.
 Maybe I should display some lovely affection!"

Lyrics from
himei to

Lyrics from
Shrieks of pain and...

Lyrics from
"oya oya naizou ga konna ni mo
 ima kirei ni shite ageru yo"

Lyrics from
"Oh my goodness, the internal organs have become...
 Let me clean everything up for you right now."

Lyrics from

Lyrics from

Lyrics from
uzumaku hijou ni michita sekai
unmei monogataru kawane

Lyrics from
In a world filled with whirling heartlessness,
the corpses tell countless stories of their fate.

Lyrics from
"doushite kou natta ka shiritai kai
 subete wa shinematikku rekoodo ga
 utsushidasu toori"

Lyrics from
"Do you wish to know how you've become like this?
 Taking a look at your cinematic record
 will answer all your questions for you."

Lyrics from
mizukara maneita shukugou ga
mizukara sabaki o atau no sa

Lyrics from
You yourself invited in the bad karma,
and you landed yourself this judgment.

Lyrics from
tatoe tenshi ni koinegaedo mo
tatoe akuma ni sono mi o uredo
subete no mono ga sabakareru
subete no mono ga kuchihateru

Lyrics from
Even if you were to beg the angels,
even if you were to sell yourself to the demons,
everyone will eventually be judged,
and everyone will eventually rot away.

Lyrics from
saa hametsu amen
hametsu amen
ihihihi hihihi
tsugi wa anata
saa oide

Lyrics from
Now! Destruction! Amen!
Destruction! Amen!
Ahehehe hehehe...
You are next...
so come to me...

Lyrics from
"saa anata wa shousei no moto ni kitaru beki
 saigo no toki made ni kore kara nani o nasareyou
 go-youjin go-youjin"

Lyrics from
"So from now on until the final moment of your life,
 where you'll come to my humble self, what would you like to do?
 Please think carefully, very carefully..."

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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