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Oh My God

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Description: Ending Theme

Singer: Tomatsu Haruka
Lyrics: Kawase Tomoko
Composition: Okuda Shunsaku
Arrangement: Okuda Shunsaku

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Yukkuri nozokikonda
Ashita to iu mirai
Sakasama ni nagameta sekai

Lyrics from
I slowly took a peek
Into the future called tomorrow.
It looked like an upside-down world to me.

Lyrics from
Kirameku watagashi kumo ni
Omoide wo utsushite
NANAIRO no RIBON wo kaketa

Lyrics from
In the sparkling clouds of cotton candy,
My memories reflected.
I put a rainbow ribbon in my hair.

Lyrics from
Hitori ni naru to Sabishikute
Itsudatte Koko ni ite

Lyrics from
When I'm alone, I get lonely.
It's unpleasant!
Stay here forever.

Lyrics from
Dare ni demo Kitto aru wa
Tojikometa negai no KA-KE-RA
Baby! "Oh My God"
Kienai chiisana omoi no kagi ni furete hoshii
yeah Yasashii kioku e to tsure daseru no wa
Itsudatte KI-MI DA-KE

Lyrics from
Everyone surely has one of
Those SHARDS-OF-A-WISH they locked up inside.
Baby! "Oh My God!"
I want you to touch the little key of my feelings that won't disappear.
Yeah, what will bring me to gentle memories
Is always ON-LY-YOU.

Lyrics from
Hey, Baby!"Oh My God"x2

Lyrics from
Hey, Baby!"Oh My God" x2

Lyrics from
Nannimo iwanakutemo
Wakatte kureteru no
Sonna kanji mo kokochiyokute
Tsuitsui amaete shimau
Kizukeba itsudemo sou
Wagamama itte komaraseta

Lyrics from
Even if I don't say anything,
You understand.
That kind of feeling feels nice,
And I end up being spoiled by you.
But then I realize, I was always
Being selfish and troubling you.

Lyrics from
Isshoni ireba Donna hi mo
Kagayaite mieru wa Daisuki yo

Lyrics from
If we're together, everyday
Seems like it's sparkling. I love you.

Lyrics from
Mada shiranai Mirai naraba
Omou youni tsukuri daseru
Baby! "Oh My God"
KIMI to kaita kyou wo
Gyutto mune ni daite nemurou
Yozora wo kazaru Itooshii mainichi wo
Omoide no JEWEL de

Lyrics from
If it's a future we still don't know,
We'll make it just as we'd like.
Baby! "Oh My God!"
I'll squeeze and hug the today
That you and I wrote and fall asleep.
I'll make the beloved everydays that decorate the night sky
Into memory jewels.

Lyrics from
Arifureta kotae ja dame da wa
Kamidanomi dake ja muri da wa
Nani wo dousureba dou naru no?
Kekkyoku Mirai ni nani wo nozondeiru no?

Lyrics from
Common answers are no-no.
Just asking God for help won't do anything.
What should I do to make what happen?
In the end, what IS it I'm wishing for the future?

Lyrics from
"Hey, baby..."

Lyrics from
"Hey, baby..."

Lyrics from
So... Dare ni demo kitto aru wa
Tojikometa negai no KA-KE-RA
Baby! "Oh My God"
Kienai chiisana omoi wa doko e datte yukeru

Lyrics from
So... Everyone surely has one of
Those SHARDS-OF-A-WISH they locked up inside.
Baby! "Oh My God!"
These small feelings that won't disappear can go anywhere.

Lyrics from
Baby! "Oh My God"
Nee Yakusoku
Ai no kagi ni furete hoshii yeah
Yasashii kioku Hitomi wo tojiru tabi
Ukabu no wa KI-MI DA-KE

Lyrics from
Baby! "Oh My God!"
Hey, promise me.
I want you to touch the key of love, yeah.
In my gentle memories, when I close my eyes
What comes to mind IS-ON-LY-YOU.

Kawase Tomoko, who wrote the lyrics, is vocalist of "Tommy Heavenly6" and "the brilliant green". Okuda Shunsaku, composer and arranger, is her husband and bassist of "the brilliant green".

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