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Album / Collection: Senki Zesshou Symphogear Character Song 1: Zwei Wing
Track # 2

Description: Zweiwing Battle Song

Singers: Mixuki Nana & Takayama Minami
Lyrics: Furuya Shin
Composition: Katou Yuusuke

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Now praying for your painful cry...
Fu- Ooh yeah ...Fly

Lyrics from
Now praying for your painful cry...
Fu- Ooh yeah ...Fly

Lyrics from
Ikusen oku no inori mo Yawarakana hikari de sae mo
Subete nomikomu JEIRU no youna Yami no mashou

Lyrics from
Even the thousands of millions of prayers, even with the warm light
Are a dark devilishness that is like a jail that swallows up everything.

Lyrics from
KARUMA no youni Korogaru youni
Nage dashite shimae nakute
Ima watashi rashiku kake nukete

Lyrics from
Like karma, like tripping
You aren't able to just throw away the experience from you,
And so I become true to myself and run right through.

Lyrics from
Todoke todoke Takanaru PARUSU ni 
Tsunagareta kono Burning heart
Tsuyoku tsuyoku Kokoro no SHIRIUSU wo tada mitsumeru
Kono yami wo koete

Lyrics from
Reach, reach to the speeding pulse
Of our connected burning hearts.
Strongly, strongly just gazing at the Sirius of the heart,
I will overcome this darkness.

Lyrics from
Karami tsuku youna NOIZU mo Koori tsuku seijaku sae mo
Subete kakikesu KYARORU no youna 
Kimi no kodou
Uragiru yori Kizutsuku yori
Kegare naku ikitakatta
Sonna yume wo ima wa nemurasete

Lyrics from
A noise that seems to tangle together, and even a freezing silence
Everything is like a carol.
Rather than betraying, rather than hurting
Your heartbeat.
I wanted to live purely.
Let me sleep now with that dream.

Lyrics from
Kono te kono te Kasanaru setsuna ni 
Kudakareta Paranoia
Atsuku atsuku 
Kanaderu kioku de RIFUREIN shiteiru
Unmei no mukou de

Lyrics from
In the moment we connected hands,
We smashed paranoia.
Hotly, hotly the memories I play
Beyond fate.

Lyrics from
For love uh
Namida wa mou iranai
Kagayaku koto sae mo Yume wo idaku koto sae mo
Shukumei no youna NOBURESU OBURIIJUU
Hageshiku nare Voice & Soul
Itsuka Itsuka Omoi Todoke

Lyrics from
For love Ooh
I don't need tears anymore
Even to shine, even to embrace my dream
Are my Noblesse Oblige-like fate.
Become passionate, my Voice & Soul
Someday, someday let these feelings reach you.

Lyrics from
Togire togire ORUGOORU no youni
Hakanagena kono Beating Heart
Tooku tooku
Tsuyoku tsuyoku Kokoro no SHIRIUSU wo tada mitsumeru
Ah Hatenai senritsu (Ah MERODI)
Habataita kono Burning heart (Burning heart Todoke)
Tsuyoku Tsuyoku Tatakau Kono mune ni hibiiteiru (Kanaderu mama)
Kono yami wo koete

Lyrics from
Pause, pause like a music box,
My fleeting, beating heart.
Faraway, faraway...
Strongly, strongly just gazing at the Sirius of the heart,
Ah, endless melody (Ah, melody)
You flew to my burning heart. (Reach my burning heart)
Strongly, strongly I will fight. Echoing in my heart,
I will overcome this darkness.

Translated and transliterated by mewpudding101

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