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Double Singer

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Album / Collection: KAITO

Description: Parody of 'Double Action'

Sung by Kaito/Akaito
Nico Nico Douga:

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
toketeiku aisu no youni
kono nagare tomerarenai
ichiban oishi momo
aisu habanero
yuzurenaiyo zettai

Lyrics from
Like a melting ice cream,
You can't stop this flow
The most delicious thing is
Ice cream/ Habanero
I'll never, ever yield.

Lyrics from
kaikonda dairyono
aisu mite aitsu ga iu
aisu nande kodomono
kuimondaro? amasugiru

Lyrics from
When he saw that I bought large amounts of ice cream,
the guy said,
Isn't ice cream for
little kiddies? It's only sweet.

Lyrics from
Right Now me wo hanashitara
mada te wo nobashiteru
yuzuranaiyo kore dake wa
karanaiyo ga ii! aisu ga ichiban!

Lyrics from
Right Now when I look away
Again, extend your hand
I'll never yield in this one.
I like spicy things! Ice cream is the best!

Lyrics from
kono oishisa wo nande
aitsu wa wakaranaino?

Lyrics from
Why doesn't that guy
Know the taste of this delicious food?

Lyrics from
Get Ready omae ni
Time to Change yaruyo

Lyrics from
Get Ready I'll give this
Time to Change to you

Lyrics from
mazui nande iwasenai iranaiyo taberarenai!

Lyrics from
I dare you to say it's disgusting/ I don't need it. I can't even eat it!

Lyrics from
futari no koe kasanarutoki
yuzrenai omoi butsukaru
tabete mireba wakarusa
aisu habanero
ichiban oishi mono!

Lyrics from
When our voices overlap
Our thoughts of unyielding clash
You'll know once you eat it
Ice cream Habanero
It's the best tasting ever!

Lyrics from
gakino kuimononande
soro soro sotsugyou shiroyo
sonnano henkendayo
tokinande gankenai
Right time hanbun ageru

Lyrics from
That food only munchikins eat,
Isn't it time that you graduate from it?
You're just biased
Age doesn't matter
Right time I'll give you half of it

Lyrics from
iranaiyo sonnano tabere wa wakaru kara
okosama no oyatsunande
tamesu kimoshine tameshite miteyo

Lyrics from
I don't need that crap/ You'll know once you eat it
I have no thoughts about eating
Dear master's snack

Lyrics from
amai mono karai mono
seihantaino mikaku
Just Stand up boku wa
Time to change kimi to
kenkashitai wakejanai
futari no konomi chikau kara
kono tatakai owaranai
wakatte hoshii Double Singer

Lyrics from
Sweet food, spicy food
Very opposite tastes
Just stand up I'm
Time to change not trying
To fight with you
But since our tastes are different,
This fight won't stop
I want to let him know Double Singer

Lyrics from
kimi ni/ omae ni

Lyrics from
To you/ To you

Lyrics from
kono shifuku shukan
moto wa onaji mono demo
wakatarete shimattara
kasanarai sonzai
hitori niwa modorenai

Lyrics from
This happy moment
Though we were one person,
We were separated
Our existence doesn't overlap
We can't go back to being one

Lyrics from
futari no koe kasanaru toki
yuzurenai omoi butsukaru
wakatte hoshii Double Singer

Lyrics from
When our voices overlap
Our thoughts of unyielding clash
I want to let him know Double Singer

Lyrics from
kimi ni /omae ni

Lyrics from
To you/ To you

Lyrics from
kono aji...
doushite aitsu wa annani
okosamananda nasakenee
dakedo onaji kaoshita
aitsu kiraijanai

Lyrics from
This taste...
Why is that guy such
A little kid? It's really sad
But that doesn't mean
That I hate that guy with my face

Lyrics from
bokujanai kimi dakara koso
chigau futari dakara koso
onaji jikan sugoseru

Lyrics from
Because you are not me
Because we are two different people
We can spend time together

Lyrics from
dakedo soredemo

Lyrics from
But/ Still

Lyrics from
aitsu mikaku okashii

Lyrics from
That guy's taste is weird

Translated and transliterated by t12111

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