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Hajimari no Iro Ritaanaa
Returner of the Beginning's Colors

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin & Len

lyrics and music: nyanyannya (lyrics, author's blog)
vocals: Kagamine Rin and Len

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Hajimari no iro o mite ita
"Kokoro" no subete no hazu na no ni
fushigi ne kowaku nai

Lyrics from
I was looking at the colours of the beginning.
I expected them to be everything in my "heart",
yet, it's strange, I'm not scared.

Lyrics from
Taisetsu na "kimochi" wa itsu datte
kutabireta buriki no omocha mitai ni

gatcha gatcha to?
oto to omoide o nokosu kara sa

Lyrics from
'Coz "feelings" that are important, always,
like a worn out tin toy,

clankety clank?
leave behind sounds and memories.

Lyrics from
Sochira kawa ni wasuremono wa?
Nai wa

Lyrics from
Did you forget something over your way?

Lyrics from
Waratte waratte o-wakare suru dake

Lyrics from
We just smile and go our separate ways.

Lyrics from
Sayonara oyasumi
Yūgure no iro oxide red
Sayonara oyasumi
Umi no iro Preussisch blau

Ohayō okaeri
Karamaru tsuta no iro Plus Vendome

Namida wa kakushite nijiiro no chiheisen ni

Lyrics from
Farewell, good night.
The evening's colour is oxide red.
Farewell, good night.
The sea's colour is Prussian blue.

Good morning, welcome home.
The colour of intertwining vines is Plus Vendome.

Hide your tears at the rainbow-coloured horizon.

Lyrics from
Magaru sono sumikko de

Lyrics from
At that nook where you turn.

Lyrics from
Hajimari no iro o mite ita
Sekai no subete ga soko ni atte

"Are wa nāni?"
Ryokōsha mitai ni uwatsuita watashi o oite
usagi no "ima" wa kakete'ku
hishageta renzu no mukō e

Lyrics from
I was looking at the colours of the beginning.
Everything in the whole world was there.

"What's thaaat?"
Seeming to be a traveller, it leaves the restless me,
and the rabbit's "now" dashes onward
beyond the crushed lens.

Lyrics from
Sayonara oyasumi
Toshi heru love letter no Aztec brown

"Wasurenai kara"
Sayonara oyasumi
Hoshi furu yoru wa Orion pink
Sayonara kyō wa oyasumi ashita mo
Hata furu Shōnen no forget-me-not
Arigatō arigatō Oyasumi

Lyrics from
Farewell, good night.
The Aztec brown of a love letter with the passing of years.

"Because I won't forget."
Farewell, good night.
The night when a star falls is Orion pink.
Farewell today good night tomorrow too.
The forget-me-not from a boy who waves a flag.
Thank you, thank you. Good night.

Lyrics from
Sore wa gradation
Takusare umare takushi kaeru
Jinsei ya yume mitai da ne

Lyrics from
That's a gradation.
It's entrusted it's born I entrust it I return.
It's like life and dreams, yeah?

Lyrics from
Hitorikiri de iku "yūki" ga
orugōru to ai to torapetto to kachi de
"inochi" o tenshi mitai ni
o-iwai suru kara
ima dake wa nakanai de

Lyrics from
The "courage" to go all alone is
a music box and love and torapetto and value.
We celebrate "life"
like angels,
so at least for now don't cry.

Lyrics from
Yobō yo kono iro wa
"owari" ja nakute
"hajimari" to ......

Lyrics from
I'll call this colour--
it's not "the end"--
"the beginning" ......

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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