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Hyakunen Yakou
Centennial Night March

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Album / Collection: Hatsune Miku

Written, Composed and Arranged by PolyphonicBranch
Illustrations by NIL
Movie by Sanjuu no Hito
Performed by Hatsune Miku

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Kitsunebi ga tomoru koro  yoiyami
Youen ni kuchizusamu senritsu
Iwanai de  ikanai de
Saki ni nobashita  yubi ga kuu o kiru

Lyrics from
When the will-o'-the-wisps are lit up in night's darkness,
a bewitchingly hummed melody can be heard.
Don't say anything. Don't go away.
My finger, pointed forward, slices through the air.

Lyrics from
Hi o motomeru wa  kochira e douzo...
Mayoimichi no asobi o
Tsumuide yuku

Lyrics from
If you should seek fire, please come this way.
I am weaving out
a game of lost ways.

Lyrics from
[Saa, irasshai...]

Lyrics from
[Now, come...]

Lyrics from
Hira hira to koi ga maichiru
Hyakunen yakou  watashi o tsurete
Hara hara to namida  nagareru
Tsuki wa nageku  aa

Lyrics from
Love nimbly scatters away.
Take me with you on the centennial night march.
My tears drip down ceaselessly.
The moon is lamenting. Ah.

Lyrics from
[Tomo ni ochite ikimashou...
Sono hatenaki rinne no soko ni...]

Lyrics from
[Let's fall together...
to the bottom of that endless reincarnation...]

Lyrics from
Ukiyo ni oboretari shizundari
Hata mata ukabiagatte mite wa
Uwabe dake tawagoto o
Kari ni sore o tsumi to yobimashou

Lyrics from
As we drown and sink in this fleeting life,
whenever we try to float up,
let us, for argument's sake,
call all that external nonsense "sin".

Lyrics from
Wareta o-men no  kitsune ga warau
Hayaku tsukamaete yo, to
Itazura ni...

Lyrics from
The fox on the cracked mask sneers:
"Come and catch me fast!"
says it mischievously.

Lyrics from
[Ikusennen tatou tomo...]

Lyrics from
[Even after thousands of years...]

Lyrics from
Kimi to mita yume ga maichiru
Kokyuu o wasureru hodo setsunaku
Batsu naraba amanji mashou
Ai to yoberu  aa

Lyrics from
The dream that entranced you and me is scattering.
It's so painful that I'm almost forgetting to breathe.
If there should be punishment, let's accept it willingly.
It's simply another way to say "love". Ah.

Lyrics from
[Musubareru koto no nai unmei datta...
Yurusarenai koi datta...
Shikashi omoi wa wasurerarezu...
Rinne no kousa o negai tsuzukeru...]

Lyrics from
[We were destined not to come together...
It was a love never meant to be...
But I'm unable to forget my feelings...
I keep wishing for an intersection of our reincarnations...]

Lyrics from
Sono kami o hoho o kuchibiru o
Nazoru koto wa yurusarenai no
Mou ichido  koe o kikasete to

Lyrics from
I will not be allowed to trace
your hair, your cheeks, or your lips.
I wish I could be allowed
to hear your voice once more.

Lyrics from
Hira hira to koi ga maichiru
Hyakunen yakou  watashi o tsurete
Yukashikari  mukuro o koete
Oni wa nageku  aa

Lyrics from
Love nimbly scatters away.
Take me with you on the centennial night march.
I want to overtake the corpses to meet you.
The demons are lamenting. Ah.

Lyrics from
Kimi ga tame  oshikara zarishi
Inochi o sasagu koto mo itowazu
Onitachi yo  kanawanu naraba
Tomo ni ochimashou

Lyrics from
For your sake,
I would not hesitate to offer up my life.
O demons, if my wish should not be fulfilled,
then let's fall together.

Lyrics from
[Ikusennen no, ikumannen mo...
Kazoekirenu hibi no naka o machitsuzuke...
Ikudo to naku rinne o kugurinuke...]

Lyrics from
[For thousands of years, for tens of thousands of years...
for countless days, I will keep waiting...
passing through the cycle of birth and death again and again...]

*Note: Words in [brackets] are not sung.

Transliterated by Rei

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