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Kamu Kamu Horidei
Come Come Holiday

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin

lyrics & music: gitchon no hito
art: NEGI (credited as Negishio)
This song is a sequel to "O-shigoto! GO! GO!"

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Kondo no yasumi wa doko ka
Asobi ni iketara ii ne
Hisashiburi doraibu shite
tōku e ikitai na

Lyrics from
Where will my next holiday be?
I'd like to go have some fun.
It's been a while so I'd like to drive
somewhere far away.

Lyrics from
Yūkyūkyūka aru shi
O-tomari de mo ii ne
Onsen to ka nonbiri shite
sugoshite mitai ne

Lyrics from
I have some paid leave.
Even an overnight stay would be nice.
I want to spend some time
relaxing, like at a hot spring.

Lyrics from
kono koro honto ni gomen ne
Kondo koso wa
zettai yakusoku!

Lyrics from
I've been busy
so lately I'm really sorry.
This time for sure,
it's an absolute promise!

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Rotenburo tanoshimi da ne
Keshiki ii ka na?
Tenki mo ii ka na?

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
I look forward to an open air bath.
Will the scenery be nice?
Will the weather be good?

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Yūshoku wa heya de tabeyo
Kitto suteki na
shiharai ni naru wa

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
I'll have dinner in my room.
I'm sure it'll be worth
paying for.
Let's go!!

Lyrics from
Chikaku ni iseki ga aru ne
Nandaka bimyō da ne
Hinabita omomuki da ne
Mechamecha tanoshimi

Lyrics from
There are ancient monuments nearby.
They're kind of hard to describe.
There's a rural atmosphere.
It's gonna be lots of fun.

Lyrics from
Takkyūdai mo
kanbi tte netto ni kaite'ru
Kondo koso wa
zettai makenai!

Lyrics from
It comes with a ping-pong table.
It said so on the website.
This time for sure
I'm absolutely not gonna lose!

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Esute mo heisetsu da yo
Yuagari ni wa
massāji yo! Kita kore!!

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
There's also a beauty salon set up.
After your bath
you get a massage! It's great!! (1)

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Meibutsu wa inoshishi-nabe
Kitto ayashii
omiyage mo aru wa

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
Their specialty is wild boar stew.
There are certainly also
some unusual souvenirs.
Let's go!!

Lyrics from
Ensoku no mae no toki mitai ne
Mū machidōshii na
Hayaku konai ka na

Lyrics from
It's like before you go on an outing.
Hmph, I can hardly wait.
I hope it's gonna be soon.

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Bī jī emu dore ni shiyō
Ano kyoku wa dame!
O-yasumi na n da kara

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
What background music shall I pick?
That song's no good! (2)
Coz I'm on a holiday.

Lyrics from
Kamu! Kamu! Horidei!
Honto wa doko de mo ii no
Futari kiri no
jikan ga hoshii kara

Lyrics from
Come! Come! Holiday!
To tell the truth, anywhere's fine.
Coz I would like time
for just the two of us.
Let's go!

Lyrics from
Nē zettai yakusoku
Zettai yakusoku
Ikō ne

Lyrics from
Hey it's an absolute promise.
It's an absolute promise.
Shall we go?

(1) "ktkr" is Japanese net slang that expresses achieving a hope (2) probably a reference to the prequel song, "O-shigoto! GO! GO!"

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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