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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin

Written, Composed and Arranged by iroha (sasaki)
Illustrations by Suzunosuke
Performed by Kagamine Rin Append

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
yamanai yamanai tameiki
doushite watashi kou natta
konna no muda yo ne wakatterunda
yamanai yamanai tameiki
doushite watashi kou natta
tsuku dake muda yo ne shiawase to koukan shite yo mou

Lyrics from
My sighs just wouldn't stop.
Why have I become like this?
I know this is no good.
I'm sorry.
My sighs just wouldn't stop.
Why have I become like this?
I must stop sighing. Swap yourself with happiness already!

Lyrics from
ittai itsukara nandarou
tanoshii wake nante nai no ni
watashi wa tada tada imi mo naku
tameiki no tane o sagashiteta

Lyrics from
Just how long has it been?
It's not even supposed to be fun,
but I, without a clear purpose,
was searching for the seed of sighs.

Lyrics from
aru hi totsuzen arawareta
dareka ni totemo yoku nita kao shite
chotto namaiki kogara na tenshi
kare wa watashi ni kou hanashi kakeru

Lyrics from
One day, a face bearing striking similarities to some
suddenly appeared before me.
He is a slightly sassy and petite cherub,
and he begins talking to me like this:

Lyrics from
kimi no tameiki choudai yo
shiawase to kaete ageru kara
tachitsukusu watashi no kuchi kara
onegai  koboreta

Lyrics from
"I can take away your sighs
and exchange them with happiness."
As I stood still,
I made my wish to him.

Lyrics from
watashi no tameiki o kare wa shiawase ni kaeru
sore wa yoku aru sasai na shiawase
wasureteta chiisana shiawase
tameiki wa egao ni umoreteitta

Lyrics from
He swapped my sighs with happiness.
It was such an ordinary happiness,
such a tiny happiness which I once forgot.
My sighs were then drowned away by my smile.

Lyrics from
watashi ni egao ga modoru tabi
kare to kioku ga RINKU shiteku
soshite sono toki wa otozureta
osanai kioku  yomigaeru

Lyrics from
When my smile has returned,
I start thinking of him.
And when I do,
a memory from my youthful time gradually returns.

Lyrics from
BEDDO no ue ni kare wa ita
mezameru koto wa nai to wakatteta
tsumetai sono te o watashi
gyutto tsukande iki o hakikaketa

Lyrics from
He lay on top of a bed.
I realized he would never wake up again.
I took his cold hands,
gripped them tightly, and let out a breath of air.

Lyrics from
tooku e itte shimau kare ga
sukoshi de samishikunai you ni
hisshi ni atatame you toshita
hisshi ni iki o hakikaketa

Lyrics from
So that he, having left for a faraway place,
would not feel lonely at all,
I tried my hardest to warm him up,
I tried my best to breathe warm air onto him.

Lyrics from
omoide shite kureta kana
kimi no sore wa tameiki nanka ja nakute
boku o atatame you to shite kureta
yasashii yasashii kaze nanda

Lyrics from
"Have you finally remembered?
What you were exhaling were not sighs at all.
They were the gentle breaths of tender wind
that you were trying to warm me up with."

Lyrics from
osoku nacchatte gomen ne
yatto okaeshi ni kuretanda
mou tameiki wa oshimai
saa  kao o agete

Lyrics from
"I'm sorry for being so late,
but I have come to return that favor.
This will be the end of your sighs.
Now raise your head and look up."

Lyrics from
ki ga tsukeba mou tenshi wa inai
namida o nugutte watashi  waratta

Lyrics from
Then I realized that the angel was already gone.
Wiping away my tears, I smiled.

Transliterated by Rei

Translated by animeyay

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