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Album / Collection: Multiple Vocaloids

Description: Megurine Luka vs. Hatsune Miku

Written, composed and arranged by Zawazawa P (Kamiyanagi)
Performed by Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Gomen ne. Luka.
Mou taerarenai no.
Uramu nara
MASUTAA o urande ne

Lyrics from
I'm sorry. Luka.
I can't take it anymore.
If I bear a grudge
it's due to Master.

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Imouto ga dekite
Ureshikatta yo.
Isshoni uta mo
Renshuu shita yo ne.

Lyrics from
I was so glad
that you were made.
We'd practice singing
songs together.

Lyrics from
"Miku mitai na utahime ni naritai!"
Shitatte kurete
Arigatou ne.

Lyrics from
"I want to become a diva like Miku!"
For doing that, 
I thank you.

Lyrics from
Dakedo ne, Luka.
Anata ZURUI wa.
Hitorijime ja nai.

Lyrics from
But you know, Luka.
You're sly.
You can't have Master's lessons
all to yourself.

Lyrics from
Watashi wa itsumo
BETA uchi na no ni!
MASUTAA watashi ni
akichatta no?

Lyrics from
I was always
made the beta version!
Did Master
get sick of me?

Lyrics from
Watashi dake no MASUTAA ja
Nakunasshimau narate
"Imouto" nante
Watashi ni wa iranainda yo?

Lyrics from
Will MY Master
leave me if
I don't have
a "little sister"?

Lyrics from
Sayonara, Luka.
Anata ga ikenai no yo?
Watashi no MASUTAA,
kaeshite morau wa yo.

Lyrics from
Farewell, Luka.
Won't you just go?
I want my Master
returned to me.

Lyrics from
Ooki na mune mo, fuantei na koe mo
Yuuwaku suru tame no
Keisan nandesho?
WAZA to shitatte ni
Utau nante,

Lyrics from
I suppose you use your
big breasts and shaky voice
to seduce him?
singing poorly,

Lyrics from
FEA ja nai wa,
yurusenai yo.

Lyrics from
it's just not fair,
it's unforgivable.

Lyrics from
Nee, doushite?
Soko made shite
Watashi kara MASUTAA o
Ubaou to suru no?

Lyrics from
Hey, why?
Why would you go so far
as to steal
Master away from me?

Lyrics from
Luka no koto wa
Suki datta no ni
Kono shiuchi wa
Anmari ja nai!

Lyrics from
Even though I
liked you, Luka
this action
is far from unjust!

Lyrics from
Hasami o motte
Ano ko ga
Nemuru juudenshitsu ni yuku.
PURAGU o kitte
Towa ni nemutte morau wa yo.

Lyrics from
Holding a pair of scissors
I enter the charging room
where that girl sleeps.
I'll cut the plug
and make her sleep forever.

Lyrics from
Ureshii na!
Oneechan ga
Hisabisa ni kite kureta!
Kyou wa donna koto
Oshiete kureru no?

Lyrics from
I'm so glad!
It's been so long since
my big sis last payed me a visit!
What kind of things
are you going to teach me today?

Lyrics from
Watashi Miku ga
Oneechan de
Hontou ni yokatta!
Yasashikute kawaii
Sekaiichi no utahime...

Lyrics from
You've truly been 
such a great
big sister to me, Miku!
You are the kindest, cutest,
bestest diva in the whole world......

Lyrics from
...nante ne.
(Dame da...
Yappari korosenai yo...)

Lyrics from
...Yeah right.
(It's no good...
I just can't kill her...)

Lyrics from
Nee, Miku
Anata no
Yakume wa mou
Owatta no yo.

Lyrics from
Hey, Miku
your duty
ended a long
time ago.

Lyrics from
MASUTAA, daisuki!
Kore de watashi dake no

Lyrics from
I love Master!
With this, Master
will be mine alone!

Transliterated by Rei

Translated by Hikarin

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