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Shin Seiki
New Century

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Len

Lyrics and Music by Shuujin
Sung by Kagamine Len
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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
noboru noboru kono EREVEETAA
karamitsuku miren wo furiharai
ue wo mezashi noboritsuzukeru

Lyrics from
Climbing, climbing in this elevator
Shaking off the regrets that hold me
We keep going up, up to the top

Lyrics from
"Naze watashi wa nobotte iru no desu ka?"
'Anata no ikizama to taisa wa nai deshou'

Lyrics from
"Why am I riding this thing?"
And the elevator girl replies...
'I doubt it's much different from your own way of life.'

Lyrics from
dokoka no mazushii kuni no shounen ga me ni hairu
sono te niwa setake ni awanu juu
sono me no namida wa chi wo nurashi
hashirisaru senka no naka e to kiete iku...

Lyrics from
I see a boy in some impoverished land
In his hands is a gun too large for someone his size
The tears from his eyes soak into the ground
He runs off and disappears into battle...

Lyrics from
ue no hate ni
ue wo nozomu
"Ningen no kanashiki saga ka..."
tobira wa shimari mata ue e to susumu

Lyrics from
At the extremes of hunger
You wish for starvation
"Is that the way of human sadness...?"
The door closes and we continue towards the top

Lyrics from
agaru agaru kono EREVEETAA
tojikomerareta kuukan ga
jinsei anjishi noboritsuzukeru

Lyrics from
Rising, rising, in this elevator
This space that traps me
Speaks of human life as it continues to rise

Lyrics from
"Naze koko kara derarenai no desu ka?"
'Hito no jinsei nado eteshite sonna mono nano desu'

Lyrics from
"Why can't I leave this place?"
And the elevator girl replies...
'That's often the way of human life.'

Lyrics from
dokoka no yutakana kuni no wakamono ga me ni hairu
zujou wo samazama na mono ga tobikou
norimono ya denpa ni notta kikakuka sareta KOKORO
soshite kaku to iu shuushifu wo...

Lyrics from
I see a youth in some prosperous land
All sorts of things cross through the sky above
Souls homogenized by vehicles and radio waves
And then, a "nuclear" end...

Lyrics from
gijutsu no hatten to
yutakasa wo torichigaeta
"Jinrui no orokashisa ka..."
subete wo oite tobira wa shimari mada

Lyrics from
It sets back both the progress of technology
and prosperity
"The foolishness of humanity, huh...?"
We leave this behind and doors stay shut

Lyrics from
ue e to susumu

Lyrics from
We continue towards the "top" [1]

Lyrics from
hibiku hibiku kono EREVEETAA
tomaritai to no ishi ni hanshite
ue e to noboritsuzukeru

Lyrics from
In this accursed elevator of reflections
Draining my will to escape
We keep on climbing to the "top"

Lyrics from
"Naze kurushii mono wo misetsuzukeru no desu ka?"
'Anata no ikizama to taisa wa nai no deshou?'

Lyrics from
"Why do you keep showing me these awful things?"
And the elevator girl replies...
'It's not so much different from your own way of life, is it?'

Lyrics from
kono chikyuu ni umarete kite
suuman nen no rekishi no naka ni
hito wa ittai nani ni fure nani wo mananda?

Lyrics from
We were born into this Earth
A product of tens of thousands of years of history
Just what is it that moves people, and what have we learned?

Lyrics from
jidai no in, you tomoni
nagarete kita boudaina jikan no naka ni
hito wa ittai nani to osore horoboshitan darou?

Lyrics from
The shadow of an epoch, together with the sun
Amidst expanding, ever-flowing aeons
Just what is it we're so afraid of, that makes us feel we must destroy?

Lyrics from
arekuruu fuheifuman no naka ga
hito no ikiru michi de nai to naze daremo kizuki
tachiagaranain darou...

Lyrics from
Coups d'état, terrorism
Resistance and revolution
With all this raging discontent,
why has no one realized that we shouldn't live this way,
and why don't they make a stand...?

[1] Both "top" and "hunger" have the same reading ("ue"). This line is written as "hunger," but is a play on the earlier phrase with the same reading (with that one referring to the "top").

Translated and transliterated by ArtemisA

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