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Musou Renfa
Unparalleled Love-Sickness

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Album / Collection: Shin Koihime Musou Character Song CD Vol. 1 - Ryuubi x Sousou
Track # 1

Description: Ryuubi & Sousou's (Liu Bei & Cao Cao's) Character Duet Song

Singers: Nojima Kana & Agumi Oto (AKA Maeda Yuki & Mai Goto) as Ryuubi & Sousou (Liu Bei & Cao Cao)

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Fukisusabu kaze ni  Setsunasa no hate ni
Nakushi kaketa yume  Kibou no hikari
Atsui manazashi ga  Kotoba yori hayaku
Kono mune wo kogashita hibi  Kagerou

Lyrics from
In the fiercely blowing winds, at the ends of loneliness
Is a dream that was lost, and the light of hope.
A hot image, even faster than words
Charred my heart in those days, in the heat haze.

Lyrics from
Okiwasureta  Ai no kioku
Zawameku kodou, sasou  Hito hahen

Lyrics from
The left-behind memories of love
My stirring heartbeat calls for a shard of it

Lyrics from
Saite  Saite  Meguri au tame ni
Yure nagara  Tenka no shukumei ni mau
Nigirishimeta  Yubi no sukima kara
Afureru suna, Oikake  Hashiridasu rasen

Lyrics from
Blooming, blooming, so that we can meet again
As it sways, it dances to the fate of the world of the mortals
From the crevices of the fingers I held,
Sand overflows, so I chase after you, running through the spiral of fate*

Lyrics from
Musou Renfa  Mabuta no kage, Omoi
Toki wo kakete  Azayaka ni saku

Lyrics from
Unparalleled love sickness, shadows under my eyelids, and these feelings
Crossing over time, brilliantly bloom.

Lyrics from
Yasashisa wa itami  Sorashita yubisaki
Mune ni sasaru ibara  Aragau toiki
Yurusarenu ai ga  Kieuseru hodo ni
Dakishimeta kaina  Toki  Samayou

Lyrics from
Kindness is pain, your fingertips you pulled away from me
The thorns that stab my heart make me sigh protestingly.
An unforgivable love that seems like it should disappear
The arms I held ponder on a problem

Lyrics from
Okiwasureta  Namida no wake
Kanashiku hohou hoppe ni  Hito shizuku

Lyrics from
I left behind the reason for my tears
But down the cheek where I smiled sadly, a single teardrop falls

Lyrics from
Naite  Naite  Koboreta  Yaiba de
Chikai au  Hisokani  Dakedo tsuyoku
Somaru  Somaru  Moeru hodo akaku
Musou no furuu tamashii  Sakihokoru RENFA

Lyrics from
Crying, Crying, with a broken blade
I swear on it, gently, but strongly
Dyed, dyed in a red that seems like it's burning.
The soul that wields ambition is inflicted with full-bloom lovesickness.

Lyrics from
Saite  Saite  Meguri au tame ni
Yure nagara  Tenka no shukumei ni mau
Aishii  Koishii  Kurikaeshi
Tooku hibiku raimei ni nita  Kodoku no sakebi

Lyrics from
Blooming, blooming, so that we can meet again.
As it sways, it dances to the fate of the world of the mortals
It loves, it yearns, it repeats
The scream of loneliness that echos far away like thunder.

Lyrics from
Musou Renfa  Mabuta no kage, omoi
Toki wo kakete  Azayaka ni chiru

Lyrics from
Unparalleled love sickness, shadows under my eyelids, and these feelings
Crossing over time, brilliantly fall.

The kanji in Japanese for the title of the song read "Musou Koigusa", but the song uses the Chinese reading, "Musou Renfa". The mean the same thing. Also, the reason this song is between these two characters is because in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the original novel the work is based off of, Liu Bei and Cao Cao are considered the greatest rivals to each other, and consider each other heroes of the land. (Liu Bei was the Hero of Peace, while Cao Cao was the Hero of Chaos.)

Translated and transliterated by mewpudding101

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