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Waarudo Izu Main
World is Mine

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Sung by: Hatsune Miku
Music/Lyrics by: ryo

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
sekai de ichiban ohimesama
sou iu atsukai kokoro ete yone

Lyrics from
The number one princess in the world
Know how to treat me that way, okay?

Lyrics from
sono ichi
itsumo to chigau kamigata ni ki ga tsuku koto
sono ni
chanto kutsu made miru koto  ii ne?
sono san
watashi no hitogoto ni wa mittsu no kotoba henji suru koto
wakattara migite ga orusu nano wo
betsu ni wagamama nante itte naindakara
kimi ni kokoro kara omotte hoshii no
kawaii tte

Lyrics from
First thing,
notice when I have a different hair style from usual
Second thing,
be sure to go as far as looking down at my shoes properly, do I make myself clear?
Third thing,
for every single world I say, reply with three words
If you understand that there is nothing in my right hand,
then do something!
I'm not really saying anything selfish
I want you to think from your heart
that I'm cute

Lyrics from
sekai de ichiban ohimesama
ki ga tsuite  nee nee
mataseru nante rongai yo
watashi wo dare da to omotteru no?
mou nandaka  amai mono ga tabetai!

Lyrics from
The number one princess in the world
Realize that, hey, hey
Keeping me waiting is out of the question
Who do you think I am?
Somehow I would already like to eat something sweet!

Lyrics from
ima sugu ni yo

Lyrics from
Go get it immediately

Lyrics from
ichigo no notta shootokeeki
kodawari tamago no torokeru purin
minna  minna  gaman shimasu...
wagamama na ko da to omowanai de
watashi datte yareba dekiru no
ato de koukai suru wa yo

Lyrics from
Shortcake with a strawberry placed on top
Pudding made with well-selected eggs
Everything, everything, I will hold myself back from it
Don't think that I'm a selfish girl
Even I will be able to do it if I try
You will regret this afterwards

Lyrics from
touzen desu!  datte watashi wa
sekai de ichiban ohimesama
chanto mitete yo ne
dokoka ni icchau yo?
fui ni dakishimerareta
kyuu ni  sonna!  e?
[hikareru  abunai yo]
sou itte soppo muku kimi
... ...kocchi no ga abunai wa yo

Lyrics from
It's natural! Even for me
The number one princess in the world
See me clearly okay,
shall I go somewhere?
Suddenly I was held tightly,
it was so abrupt, eh?
"It's dangerous, you'll be hit"
So saying that you turn away
...I think this person is dangerous though

Lyrics from
hey baby

Lyrics from
hey baby

Transliterated by White Ritz

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