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Mighty Heart ~Aru Hi no Kenka, Itsumo no Koigokoro~
Mighty Heart ~A Fight One Day is the Start of a Relationship~

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Description: Opening Theme

Written, Composed by KOTOKO
Arranged by Miu Uetsu (Maiko Iuchi)
Performed by KOTOKO

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
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aa, mata yatta na-!

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"Ah, you did it again!"

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chotto, moshimo-shi?
nee, kiiteru? e? ORE wa warukunai? uso bakka!!
aa, mou ii yo, shiranai! BAIBAI!!!

Lyrics from
Are even you listening? What? Not your fault, you say? Again with the lies!!
Arghhh, fine, you know what, I don't care! GOODBYE!!!"

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Lyrics from☆

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tsuyokissukiSSU  Hey Hey Heyhey!
makenaide Go!  onna wa dokyou! icchau ZE~~~!
a~ a~ a~ aaaaaaa  ...iza shutsujin!

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tsuyokissukissu, hey! hey! hey! hey!
go, and don't give up☆ girls gotta be brave! let's say it~~~!!
ah~ ah~ ah~ ('o') ...come, let's go!

Lyrics from
asa okite,kuwaeru PAN to hitosoudou
kinou no KENKA wa, mou wasureteru ka na?
mada fukigen na kao wo shitetara tsunette yarou
KOOHII nomu ma ni sakusen wa BACCHIRI

Lyrics from
got up in the morning, a piece of bread in mouth and a whirl of commotion...
i wonder if you've forgotten all about our fight last night by now?
if you look like you're still in a grouchy mood, i'll pull your cheeks
cooked up the perfect plan over a cup of coffee☆

Lyrics from
"KIMI no okotta kao, fuusen mitai de OKASHII zo"
sonna kotoba mo kikoenai furi
"GOMEN" tte iu made yurusanai!

Lyrics from
"It's so funny how your face swells up like a balloon when you get mad! (LOL)"
i pretend i didn't hear that
until you say "I'm sorry" i'm not gonna forgive you!

Lyrics from
aa~, konna seikaku ja KISU wa tooi ka na...?
aseru fuan mo fukitobasu you na kizuna  mitsuketai
kono omoi wo hokori ni kaete kureru no wa
odoketa koe to, chotto bukiyousou na egao
nando butsukatte kokottemo
anata de nakya DAME na no!!

Lyrics from
ahh~, if i keep behaving like this, will i ever get to kiss you...?
i want to find a bond between us that could blast away my uneasiness and anxiety
what makes me take pride in this feeling
is your teasing voice and that somewhat gawky smile of yours
no matter how many times we argue and get angry at each other
i wouldn't have anyone but you!!

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tsuyokissukiSSU  Hey Hey Heyhey!
makenaide Go!  onna wa aikyou... HONTO ka na~~??

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tsuyokissukissu, hey! hey! hey! hey!
go, and don't give up☆ girls gotta be charming... is that so~~~??

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mite minai FURI shiteru kedo wakatteru no yo
kono koro, ano ko to yake ni nakayoku na~i?
demo kamawanai!!
sunao ja nai to iwareta tte
socchi ga sou nara  HONTO mou shiranai kara

Lyrics from
i'm turning a blind eye on it, but i know, you know...
aren't you being awfully friendly with that girl lately?
but i don't mind!!
you say that i'm not being honest
but if that's the game you're playing, then seriously, i don't give a damn! (>_<)

Lyrics from
kawasu mi no hayasa wa FURAIkyuu no BOKUSAA nami ne
iiwake shite wa NIYAkeru hoho ni
totteoki no PANCHI ageru yo

Lyrics from
you're quick to dodge, as swift as a flyweight boxer
have i got a special punch★
for that face that follows up its excuses with a grin

Lyrics from
sou, konna urahara na taido ni naru no wa "honki no shouko"
sore ni ki'zukanai you ja AUTO da yo!
sono nasakenai you na TOKO mo suki dakedo
makerarenai wa! sou yo, anshin shinaide
otomegokoro wa fukuzatsu
NAMEte kakaccha DAME da yo!!

Lyrics from
yes, my attitude comes off as the opposite of what i mean, and it just proves how "serious" i am about you
if you can't even realise that, then you are out!
while i love how you can be so pathetic like that
i can't afford to lose! no, don't think you can relax just yet
a girl's heart is a complicated thing
so you better not mess with it!!

Lyrics from
a-, moshimoshi-. ...un, okiteta-.
e? mou okottenai yo.
a', nani? ima waratta-?  mo- daikirai!!

Lyrics from
"Mmm, hello? ...Yeah, I'm awake.
Hm? No, I'm not mad at you anymore.
What? Hey, did you just laugh? Arghhhh, I HATE YOU!!"

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Lyrics from☆

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aa~ konna seikaku ja koi mo nigeru ka na...?
namida koraete tsukuru futari no mirai  shinjitai
kono omoi wo yuuki ni kaete kureru no wa
KENKA shitetemo zutto taenai egao
hontou wa yureru kono kimochi
wakatte kurenakucha DAME da yo!!

Lyrics from
ahh~, if i go on behaving like this, will my love slip away from me....?
i want to believe that by holding back my tears, we can make a future together
what gives me courage from this feeling
is that even when we fight, you never stop smiling
to be honest, these swaying feelings
are something you just gotta understand!!

Lyrics from
tsuyokissukiSSU  Hey Hey Heyhey!
makenaide Go!  oyaoya? kousan?
yappa onna wa dokyou to aikyou desu wa~~~

Lyrics from
tsuyokissukissu, hey! hey! hey! hey!
go, and don't give up☆ oh, what's this? admitting defeat?
that's right, girls gotta be brave and charming~~~♪♪

* tsuyokisukissu = tsuyoki (strong/tough/agressive) + kiss + suki (like/love) + kiss + ssu * the common Japanese proverb is actually "otoko wa dokyou onna wa aikyou" (men should have courage, women should have charm).

Transliterated by AzureDark

Translated by shicalava

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