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Bath Room

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Album / Collection: Nil
Track # 3

Music by the GazettE. Lyrics by Ruki.

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Lyrics from
Nemurenai no wa naze? Shizukesa ni yoi shireteta
Shimetta heya de hitori mata, kuchizusameba munashiku
Nemurenai no wa naze? Anata ga mieta kara
Shiten wa nureta yuka, atama wo kashigete nemutteru

Lyrics from
Why can't I sleep(1)?    I was intoxicated with silence
Still alone in a wet room,     humming to myself would be pointless(2)
Why can't I sleep?    Because I could see you
All I can see is a wet floor,    I'll lay my head down and sleep

Lyrics from
Shiritaku mo nai you na genjitsu ni tada mukanjou de
Koe mo desazu zutto, matataki sura wasurete, anata ni mitorete ita

Lyrics from
Still emotionless in the reality I don't seem to want to understand,
Forever silent,  I was so fascinated by you I forgot to even blink

Lyrics from
Nemutte shimaitai, nezame dake wo osorete
Subete wo wasuretai, migatte na tawagoto ne
Anata no namae wo yobu, kamoku ni ki ga fureru
Yasete kata wo tsutsumi sakenda, kagososugita nukumori ni

Lyrics from
I want to sleep,    I fear only being awake
I want to forget everything,    self-centred nonsense, isn't it?
I call your name,   trembling in fear
Gripped slim shoulders and screamed,  in your weak warmth

Lyrics from
Shiritaku mo nai you na genjitsu ni fukaku kokoro obore
Kuchibiru wo kamikoraeta namida sae, imi ga nai to shitta

Lyrics from
My heart sinks deeply in the reality I don't seem to want to understand,
I bit my lip and endured even tears,   didn't think there was a meaning.

Lyrics from
Tachitsukusu boku no haigo no koe
Hakidasu wake nado. dou demo yokatta
Tada me no mae no anata ga totemo sabishisou na kao de
Nani hitotsu dekinakatta, jibun wo shinu hodo nikunda

Lyrics from
I stand stock still, my voice distant,
I spit out the reason(3),   it didn't matter
But... before my eyes you looked sad,
I couldn't do a thing,   hated how much I'd died(4)

Lyrics from
Namae wo kureta yuiitsu no anata e, kono mama soba ni ite kurenai ka
Sou... boku ni totte saisho de saigo no yasashiki "mama"

Lyrics from
To only you who named me,      won't you stay by my side like this?
So...     kindness from the beginning to the end, "mother"

Lyrics from
Shiroi kabe ni sotto makkana e no gu de anata wo fuchidotta
Mada atatakai hoho wo suriyosete shizuka ni waratte miseyou
Ootsubu no namida ga anata to kasanatte, hitotsu ni nareta ki ga shita
Mabuta wo toji, nukumori ga kieru koro, boku wa anata no soba de

Lyrics from
On the white wall,   deep red colour surrounded you
I snuggle close to your still warm face,      let's smile quietly
My teardrops flowed over you,    I felt I'd got used to being alone
I close my eyes,   the warmth has nearly faded,    I am beside you.

(1) nemuru = can mean 'sleep' or 'die'. 'Sleep' is a more literal translation but I think there's the connotation of him actually talking about dying. So whenever it says 'sleep' think 'die'. K.
(2) munashiku = in vain, to no purpose, fruitlessly. Won't stay awake no matter what he does?
(3) I'm not really sure what is meant by this... probably bad translation.
(4) jibun wo shinu = what? 'To die oneself'? I don't think 'shinu' can mean 'kill' but I don't think 'dying' can be done to oneself.

Translated and transliterated by Anyaaa

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