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hitori de Go!! Fun!! suihanjaa
GO!! Fun!! rice cooker for one

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Album / Collection: Daiyakuman
Track # 4

lyrics/music/arrange: manzo
performed by manzo

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from

Lyrics from
i gratefully accept this meal!

Lyrics from
nipponjin nara kome o kue
hieta RIBINGU ni yuge o dase
keiryouKAPPU ni komerareta
shiawase no tsubu
yasashii ai no komoriuta

Lyrics from
eat rice if you call yourself a true japanese
make the steam rise in your cold living room
a measuring cup
filled with grains of happiness
it sings like a sweet lullaby of love

Lyrics from
"kaasan  sono go genki ni shiteru kai
boku wa boku de nantoka yatteru yo"

Lyrics from
"Hey, Mom, how are you?
I'm getting by somehow on my own."

Lyrics from
namidame to kara no reizouko
katte de hitori  aa

Lyrics from
tears in my eyes and an empty fridge
i gotta do these things by myself, ahhh...

Lyrics from
sou sa
chotto no okazu de  Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
shoppai okazu de  Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
jinsei amaku wa nai no sa
masshiroki daichi o  You!! Go!! Fun!!
komekome ComeCome  You!! Go!! Fun!!
takitate . RETORUTO . omisoshiru
ouchi de Bang!! Go!! Fun!! suihanJAA

Lyrics from
a little something to go with my bang!! go!! fun!!
something salty to go with my bang!! go!! fun!!
life can be really cruel
a parch of white earth for you!! go!! fun!!
rice rice, come come, you!! go!! fun!!
piping hot -- retort -- miso soup
a bang!! go!! fun!! rice cooker at home

Lyrics from
nakuna otoko daro kome o toge
sonna koto nado arainagase
yogoto koishii yasuragi no
senshi o iyasu komoriuta

Lyrics from
you're a man, so stop crying and wash the rice
those kind of problems should just be washed away
every night the heart yearns
for the solace of carbohydrates
they serve as a soothing lullaby for the weary soldier

Lyrics from
"tousan  sono go nakayoku shitemasu ka
boku wa boku de nantoka yattemasu"

Lyrics from
"Hey, Dad, how have you two been getting along?
I'm getting by somehow on my own."

Lyrics from
yume no ito ga kireta PINOKIO
madobe de hitori  aa

Lyrics from
like Pinocchio, whose strings have been cut off from his dreams
i sit alone by the window, ahhh...

Lyrics from
minna mo tabeteru  Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
koinu mo tabeteru  Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
ashita no koto wa oazuke
aserazu murashite  You!! Go!! Fun!!
komekome ComeCome  You!! Go!! Fun!!
hajime wa CHOROCHORO naka pappa [1]
hitori de Bang!! Go!! Fun!! suihanJAA

Lyrics from
everyone eats bang!! go!! fun!!
even the puppies eat bang!! go!! fun!!
tomorrow can wait
give it time to cook, you!! go!! fun!!
rice rice, come come, you!! go!! fun!!
first it bubbles, then it hisses
a bang!! go!! fun!! rice cooker for one

Lyrics from
sou sa
kenkyo na okazu de  Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
shoppai okazu de Bang!! Go!! Fun!!
jinsei amaku wa nai kedo
bokura no mirai wa  You!! Go!! Fun!!
komekome ComeCome You!! Go!! Fun!!
nihon no hokori o kamishimete
ouchi de Bang!! Go!! Fun!! suihanJAA

Lyrics from
that's right
a modest side dish to go with my bang!! go!! fun!!
something salty to go with my bang!! go!! fun!!
life can be really cruel but
our future lies within you!! go!! fun!!
rice rice, come come, you!! go!! fun!!
chew thoroughly the taste of Japan's pride
a bang!! go!! fun!! rice cooker at home

Lyrics from

Lyrics from
thanks for the food!

* "Go!! Fun!!" is a play on the word "gohan" (rice), as is "Bang!! Go!! Fun!!" = "bangohan" (dinner) and "You!! Go!! Fun!!" = "yuugohan" (supper). i guess "Come" can also be considered as a play on the word "kamu" (munch)? it also looks like "kome" (rice).
[1] first half of a Japanese rhyme about cooking rice. the other half goes: "akago naku to mo futa toru na" (even if the baby cries, never remove the lid).

Translated and transliterated by shicalava

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