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Okui Masami

Also known as:

Masami Okui

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[Crossroad] [Devotion] [Do-can] [Dragonfly] [evolution] [God Speed] [Gyuu] [Her-Day] [Ma-KING] [Neei] [ReBirth] [V-Sit]

Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Snowy c/w Olive

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Kimi to Boku ni Dekiru Koto English Translation What You and I Can Do -
Mission N/A -
Necessary N/A -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Sora ni Kakeru Hashi English Translation The bridge that crosses the sky [Tales of Eternia] Opening Song
Deportation ~but never too late~ N/A -
Shuffle English Translation N/A [Yu-Gi-Oh] -
Ano Hi no Gogo English Translation The Morning of That Day [Yu-Gi-Oh] -
10  I'd Love You to Touch Me N/A [Tales of Eternia] Ending Song
13  Megami Ni Naritai ~for a yours~ I Want to Become a Goddess ~for a yours~ [Di Gi Charat] X-mas Special Opening Song

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Makoon ~1999~
Shu -AKA- (L.A. Version) English Translation Scarlet -RED- [Cyber Team in Akihabara] Opening Song
Kiss in the dark English Translation Eretzvaju OP
Taiyou no Hana (isamix) English Translation Sunflower [Cyber Team in Akihabara] Ending Song
Birth (takemix) English Translation [Cyber Team in Akihabara] Opening Song
11  Koishimashou Nebarimashou (daitamix) Yearning Persistantly [Cyber Team in Akihabara] -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
A confession of TOKIO
Troubadour ~Ginyuushijin~
12  Olive

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
WILD SPICE (TRANCE MIX) Muteki Kanban Musume OP Remix

God Speed
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Mitsu -mitsu-
Paradise Lost
12  TRUST (Session Mix) Kore ga Watashi no Go-shujin-sama OP

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Reincarnation N/A [Tekkaman Blade] Blade II OVA Opening Song & 1st Ending Song
Moonlight Angel~asu ni mukatte Moonlight Angel~Face Tomorrow -
I Was Born to Fall in Love [Compiler] Opening Song
Ryoute Ippai No Yume Dream of Two Full Hands [Tekkaman Blade] c/w Reincarnation
Full up Mind [Compiler] Ending Song
Beats the Band N/A -
My Jolly Days N/A [Ghost Sweeper Mikami] -
10  It's DESTINY -yatto meguriaeta- - [Hayashibara Megumi] Tekkaman Blade Ending Song
13  Dare Yori mo Zutto... Fantasia OP
14  Bay Side Love Story ~from Tokyo~ N/A [Neon Genesis Evangelion] -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Labyrinth N/A [Cyber Team in Akihabara] Movie Theme
Naritai - [Slayers] -
RURURU N/A [Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yoko] Ending Song
Key N/A [Cyber Team in Akihabara] -
Last Scene [M.original Mix] N/A [Cyber Team in Akihabara] From "Summer of 2011"
10  Tenshi no Kyuusoku English Translation Angels' Rest [Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yoko] Opening Song
12  Hot Spice N/A [Cyber Team in Akihabara] -
13  Toki ni Ai wa English Translation At Times, Love... [Revolutionary Girl Utena] From the Movie
14  IN THIS ARM English Translation N/A [Slayers] -
15  Never Die N/A [Slayers] -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Endless Life N/A -
Sou da, Zettai - [Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yoko] -
A & C English Translation N/A -
Process N/A [Slayers] From N->EX
Niji no You Ni Like a Rainbow [Slayers] N->EX Ending Song
Spicy Essence N/A -
Naked Mind English Translation [Slayers] N->EX Opening Song
Precious Wing N/A -
More Than Words ~ In My Heart N/A [Slayers] English version of "More Than Words"
10  I can't... English Translation N/A -
11  J N/A [Jungle de Ikou] Opening Song
12  Rondo -revolution- (red rose version) English Translation Round Dance Revolution [Revolutionary Girl Utena] Op. theme
13  Spirit of the Globe N/A -
14  Kaze ni Fukarete - -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Just Do It N/A -
M. M Family N/A -
CUTIE English Translation N/A [Di Gi Charat] Summer Special 2000 Opening Song
Turning Point N/A -
Sunrise Sunset N/A -
Over the End N/A -
Monogatari English Translation Story -
Chaos English Translation N/A -
Hoka ni Nani ga... Other than that, something is... -
10  Moon English Translation
11  Sore wa Totsuzen Yattekuru That comes around suddenly -
12  Ajisai English Translation
13  Eternal Promise N/A -
14  Only One, No.1 English Translation [Di Gi Charat] Opening Song

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
bookensha Adventurer

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
MASK (masamix) English Translation Bakuretsu Hunters ED1 solo ver
Saikou no Gamble English Translation Risky Gamble Slayers EX IM Cover
Shake It Yamamoto Youko OVA ED
GET MY WAY English Translation Megami Paradise OP
10  Senjou no Madonna War Madonna Slayers EX
12  Majime na Kikkake English Translation Serious Chance Slayers EX
13  Jama wa Sasenai (live rock-on) Don't Trouble Me Slayers NEXT ED

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