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Hoshi no iro wa Blue
Blue is the color of the world

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Album / Collection: Luster
Track # 1

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Nanika ga hajimaru   sou sa koko kara
dareka ga yonde'ru   hora   dokoka de
imasugu   mukae ni yuku yo
hirogeta ude yo   tsubasa ni nare

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Something's beginning -- that's right, starting now.
Somebody's calling -- hear it? From somewhere...
Pretty soon, we're going to meet--
o outstretched arms, become wings!

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Namida wa iranai   saa waratte
shimaikondeita yuuki   misete yo
ashita wa dare mo shiranai
kowagaranai de    [dorama] ni tobikome

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Tears aren't necessary; come on, laugh.
Show me that courage that's been closed up inside.
No one knows what tomorrow will bring;
without being afraid, leap into the drama.

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*[hikaru mawaru yureru]
toki [kanji: jikan] no naka de oyogu   sabishisa ni naite mo
Shinin' blue, don't stop shinin' blue
koko [kanji: chikyuu] de yume wa kanau

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*Shining, turning, trembling,
swimming in time -- even if you cry from loneliness,
Shinin' blue, don't stop shinin' blue
your dream will come true here.

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hashiridaseru yo

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Take off running!

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wasuretakunai yo   kono yorokobi
sakebidashisou na    kono takanari
imasugu   kimi ni misetai
sumiwataru sora [kanji: uchuu]    suteki-sugiru

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I don't want to forget this happiness,
this throbbing like I want to cry out.
Pretty soon, I want to show you:
the perfectly clear sky is too beautiful.

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bokura ni [ruuru] wa hitsuyou ja nai
bokura wa   jibun wo shinjirareru
tobira wa akete oita yo
sono mama de ii   isoide tobikome

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We don't need rules;
we believe in ourselves.
I've already opened the door;
it's good just like this, so hurry up and let's jump in!

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[fureru sotto fureru]
kodou yubi wo tsutau   soshite tsunagatte'ku
Movin' mind, don't stop movin' on
koko [kanji: chikyuu] de deaeta koto
kiseki to yobu yo

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Touching -- softly, touching:
tracing with a throbbing fingertip, and then connecting.
Movin' mind, don't stop movin' on
I call it a miracle
that we met in this world.

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* repeat

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* repeat

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kagayakidasu yo

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Start shining!

The sound used for the title is "hoshi"/star or planet but the kanji used are for "chikyuu"/world.

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