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Description: Ending Theme

Artist and Lyrics: Kano
Composition and Arrangement: Hidekazu Tanaka

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Lyrics from
ohayou  mado o akete
doko e datte ikerunda
kibou wa itsumo sasayaita
dokomademo aruitekou

Lyrics from
I say "good morning" and open the window,
And I feel like I could go wherever I wanted
Hope always whispered to me
"Let's just keep on walking forever"

Lyrics from
narabete kurabete  tameiki tsuite
wakatteru  wakatteru

Lyrics from
I line myself up and compare myself with others and sigh
I know, I know

Lyrics from
yasashisa toka nukumori toka
kimi datte ano ko datte
itsuka kitto ai o shirunda

Lyrics from
Be it you or her,
One day, you'll surely experience love
And with it things like kindness and warmth

Lyrics from
asu no kimi ga  kyou no kimi o
omoide ni kaete
oikoshite susundeku
ame ga yande  kao o agete
"arigatou" tte sunao ni waraeru hazu sa
haro haro haro
dareka no tame  ai o utaou

Lyrics from
The you of tomorrow will turn the you of today into a memory,
will overtake you and like that will
keep proceeding forwards
Once the rain has stopped, you should be able to look up,
Say thank you and honestly smile
Hello, hello, hello
For someone's sake, I'll sing of love

Lyrics from
negaigoto  itsudatte
kanaete wa fuete tte
ki ga tsukeba ashimoto de
garakuta ni nacchau no

Lyrics from
Wishes, once granted,
Always keep increasing in count
And before I know it, underneath my footsteps
They've turned to junk

Lyrics from
asette  mayotte  tameiki tsuite
sonna koto  shitteta yo

Lyrics from
Impatience, being lost and breathing a sigh-
I knew this already

Lyrics from
tadaima toka  okaeri toka
arifureta nichijou no naka de zutto
ai o tsunaide

Lyrics from
Such things as "I'm back" or "Welcome home";
In the midst of normal everyday life,
Always keep our love going...

Lyrics from
kawari nante ikura demo
dakara doushita
mahou no kagi wa  hora  kimi no naka ni
hontou wa shitteru desho?

Lyrics from
Replacements- we have countless ones,
So what's wrong?
The magic key was inside you, see?
You knew it all along, didn't you?

Lyrics from
michi no saki ni nani ga aru no
nanimo naku tatte
dokomademo susundekou

Lyrics from
What is at this unknown destination?
Even if there isn't anything there,
Let's keep proceeding as far as we can

Lyrics from
hi ga nobotte  hana ga saite
sagashimono mitsuketara  tsutae ni ikou
korondatte  nando datte  tachiagatte
dareka no tame  jibun no tame  ai o utaou

Lyrics from
Once the sun has risen, the flowers have bloomed
And I've found what I'm looking for, I shall go and convey it
Even if I fall over, I'll stand back up, however many times it takes,
For someone's sake, for my own sake, I'll sing of love

Transliterated by tetrix1993

Translated by Fuukanou

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