Ni Hao ★ Chuugoku
Hello ★ China

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Album / Collection: HETALIA Character CD Vol.8 China
Track # 1

Description: China's Character Theme

Vocals: Yuki Kaida
Lyrics: YUMIKO
Composer: Conisch
Arrangement: Saki

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Midokoro mansai NI HAO Chuugoku
Burabura MAI DONG XI kocchi de MAI DONG XI
Mekurumeku tokimeki NI HAO Chuugoku

Lyrics from
Wavering, xiang youlan, xiang youlan over there [1]
There's lots to see, ni hao * China!
Idly, mai dong xi, mai dong xi over here [2]
Dazzling, heart-pounding, ni hao * China!

Lyrics from
BEIJING ahiru maruyaki
SHANGHAI yopparai no kani
GUANGDONG hebi tokage dentou no aji
SICHUAN MALA AJI shibireru aru yo

Lyrics from
Bejing, duck, barbecue
Shanghai, drunken crab
Canton, snake, lizzard, flavor of tradition
Sichuan ma la wei is numbing, aru [3]

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Sekai saita no
NETTO jinkou hokoru aru
Douga saito misugite
Tetsu ya (mi sugicchata aru...)

Lyrics from
Proud to say, I have
The highest net population in the world, aru!
I'm up all all night
Watching too many videos on video sites (I watched way too many, aru)

Lyrics from
Haya-oki no hitotachi
Muragaru kouen
Kenkou no tame aru
Nemui me kosutte taikyokuken 

Lyrics from
People waking up early
Gather in the parks
For their health, aru
They rub their sleepy eyes and do Tai Chi 

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Lyrics from
(xiexie) [4]

Lyrics from
Kinu no michi tadotte NI HAO Chuugoku
Burabura MAI DONG XI kocchi de MAI DONG XI
Oyatsu wa yamucha de NI HAO Chuugoku

Lyrics from
Wavering, xiang youlan, xiang youlan over there
Follow the road of silk, ni hao * China!
Idly, mai dong xi, mai dong xi over here
Afternoon snack is perfect for tea, ni hao * China!

Lyrics from
JIUZHAIGOU shinpi no mizu
CHANGCHENG one o wataru kaze
WULINGYUAN shokubutsu no houko
HUANGSHAN yonzetsu kanjiru yoroshi

Lyrics from
Mysterious water of Jiuzhaigou
The Great Wall, the wind blowing through mountains
Wuling, a treasure trove of plants
The Yellow Mountains, the four poems, feels good

Lyrics from
Sekai saikou hou
Jiman no ryouri tsukuru aru
Choumi ryou zetsumeyou na kagen
"Ato wa, kimochi wo komeru aru!"

Lyrics from
The highest peak in the world
My prideful cooking, aru
Seasoning, the perfect flavor 
("After you put your feelings into it, aru")

Lyrics from
Naniyori mo daiji na
Yuuhan no tame nara
Kaigi ni okurete mo
"Hansei mo, koukai mo, shite ne aru yo!"

Lyrics from
I'll even delay a conference
For dinner
The most important meal of the day! 
("I have no concerns or regrets, aru")

Lyrics from
Aah, daichi no kodo kanjite
Aah, hisui no oku ni yomigaeru kiseki
Kagayaki tsudzukeru kurenai no
Honou tayasazu, susumu aru!

Lyrics from
Aa, feel the beat of the earth [5]
Aa, In the center of jade are the tracks to recovery
The crimson flame will continue burning,
And move on without hindrance, aru!

Lyrics from
Yonsennen no rekishi NI HAO Chuugoku
Bura bura MAI DONG XI kocchi de MAI DONG XI
Suzuri fude te ni shite NI HAO Chuugoku

Lyrics from
Wavering, xiang youlan, xiang youlan over there
Four Thousand years of history, ni hao * China!
Idly mai dong xi, mai dong xi over here
Ink and brush in hand, ni hao * China!

Lyrics from
NI HAO Chuugoku!

Lyrics from
Ni hao * China!

- Generally I try to translate only the Japanese and leave translations for other languages in footnotes (Since that is how the lyrics are in the original Japanese) but it admittedly does come off sounding rather strange in this case.

- "ni hao" is "Hello" in Mandarin Chinese.

[1] xiang youlan = to want to sightsee. Additionally, the lyric book reads "nabian", meaning "over there" with the pronunciation given as Japanese "acchi" (with the same meaning).
[2] mai dong xi = shopping. Similarly, the lyric book reads "zhebian" meaning "over here", with the pronunciation given as Japanese "kocchi"
[3] Sichuan ma la wei = Spicy food from Sichuan
[4] "xiexie" = "Thank you!"
[5] "aa" = "Ah!"

Transliterated by RyuTama

Translated by Rizuchan

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