Shanpuu Dream
Shampoo Dream of an Affluent Upperclassman

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Album / Collection: Black Butler II Character Song 05: Lau
Track # 1

Sung by Lau (Kouji Yusa)

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Lyrics from
taida na ao to haraguroi egao
nijimasete oyogu yoru no chou
seserawarau you ni uron na tsuki to
kyoumi hon'i no hareeshon

Lyrics from
Blurring a lazy green color and a scheming smile,
I'm a butterfly swimming in the dark night,
as if to sneer at the suspicious-looking moon
and its curious-looking halation.

Lyrics from
tsukazu hanarezu tokutouseki de
karamasete mitsumeru hitomi
chou-ichiryuu no shittaka-buri de
omowase-buri na supotto-raito

Lyrics from
In my special box seat, I tangle our gazes,
at a distance neither too far nor too close,
with a super first-class pretense of knowing-how,
under a very suggestive spotlight.

Lyrics from
ikoku no nichijou
yukai na bousou

Lyrics from
That's my everyday life in this distant land;
it's a very pleasant and happy rampage.

Lyrics from
wandaarando mutonchaku na cry
aimai na kioku ga sasou
yes or no tsurenai toiki
kakubetsu da ne

Lyrics from
Some indifferent tears and ambiguous memories
are calling out to me to visit the Wonderland.
"Yes or no?" I make a disinterested sigh.
My, how exceptional!

Lyrics from
shanpuu dream
tanoshimasete yeah
shanpuu dream
sou kisu o hitotsu futatsu

Lyrics from
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
I'll make sure you enjoy it, yeah...
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
Yes, one kiss, two kisses...

Lyrics from
yume kara samenai eien sore to mo
yume o mirarenai eien to
kumo no ito wa harimegurasarete
mogaku hodo hamaru jirenma

Lyrics from
An everlasting dream from which I won't wake up,
or an eternity where I cannot dream?
The cobweb traps have been laid out,
and I plunge impatiently right into this dilemma.

Lyrics from
kawaita suburi de
kuruoshii miburi de

Lyrics from
With my thirsted practice swings,
and my maddening body gestures.

Lyrics from
wandaarando utagoe wa sasurai
daitan de futeki na merodii
love or die nemureru tora wa
gyagu sensu kaimu

Lyrics from
In the Wonderland, a singing voice wanders about,
with a bold and fearless melody.
"Love or die?" The sleeping tiger
has absolutely no sense of gags.

Lyrics from
shanpuu dream
shibiresasete yeah
shanpuu dream
sou uso o mittsu yottsu

Lyrics from
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
I'll make sure you become numb, yeah...
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
Yes, three lies, four lies...

Lyrics from
"omote ka ura ka, chou ka han ka, yume ka utsutsu ka
 sonna koto wa docchi de mo ii no sa
 toki ni wa hara o kukuru no mo taisetsu da yo
 tsurenai koto iwanaide saa
 omoshiroi no ga ichiban ja nai kai"

Lyrics from
"Outside or inside? Odd or even? Dream or reality?
 Who cares about those kind of things?
 Sometimes it's important to prepare for the worst.
 Don't say I'm being indifferent.
 Things are good as long as they are interesting, right?"

Lyrics from
wandaarando nonki na rarabai
juuman suru yami to enmu to
hai or low setsunai toubou
karakau you ni

Lyrics from
In the Wonderland, a carefree lullaby
is being filled with darkness, haze, and ashes.
"High or low?" I run away with agony,
as if just to tease around.

Lyrics from
shanpuu dream
mitsumeatte yeah
shanpuu dream
sou uso o mittsu yottsu

Lyrics from
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
Let's look at each other in the eye, yeah...
Shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman...
Yes, three lies, four lies...

Lyrics from
sore wa wandaarando
yeah shanpuu dream
saredo wandaarando

Lyrics from
That is the Wonderland.
Yeah, it's the shampoo dream of an affluent upperclassman,
but still, it's my Wonderland.

The first two characters of this song's title, "jou/ue" (upper) and "fu/tomi" (affluence), are pronounced "shang" and "fu" respectively in Chinese. The Chinese pronunciations are used here most likely because Lau is a Chinese upperclassman in Kuroshitsuji. However, the pronunciations of "shang" and "fu" have been modified into "shan" and "fuu" to accommodate the Japanese phonology, so the title would have been "Shanfuu", but since a Japanese morphophonological process--rendaku--requires that all H/F sounds be changed to a P sound after N, "Shanpuu" instead of "Shanfuu" is the end result.

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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