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Eien ni hibiku uta
Forever resounding song

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Album / Collection: Kyo kara Maou! Shin Makoku Hoso Kyokai Theme Song BACK2BACK Single
Track # 2

Description: Character Song

Sung by Mitsuki Saiga.
Featuring the character Wolfram Von Bielefeld.

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
yukkuri to hashiridashita 
akatsuki no kaze no naka 
kimi wo mamoru to chikau 
tsurugi ni mo nita kono ishi 

Lyrics from
I slowly began to run
with the morning wind,
I swear to protect you
as a sword protects its master.

Lyrics from
sora ni katamuku taiyou 
umi ni shiku akai juutan 
sono ue wo sou you ni 
fune ha ima ichibi karete tsuzumu 

Lyrics from
The Sun rises up towards the sky
as a red carpet is laid over the sea,
and above it, following it,
a ship now advances, guided  by it.

Lyrics from
kimi no iru sekai to 
ima, koko ni aru sekai 
hitotsu ni naru to iu 
rakuen he to kimi to mezasu 
mayoi wa nai 

Lyrics from
The world where you live,
and this world right here,
will become one.
I'm heading towards paradise with you,
without hesitation. 

Lyrics from
moshimo, kono kaze ga 
yan de shimaou tomo 
boku ga kono fune wo 
kogu ooru ni narou 

Lyrics from
If ever this wind
were to stop blowing,
I would become 
the oars that move this boat.

Lyrics from
moshimo, taorete mo 
tasukete ageru yo 
donna ame ya nami ga 
koyou tomo kimi no tate ni naru 

Lyrics from
And if you ever fall,
I will help you get up.
Against the rain and waves that may come,
I'll become your shield.

Lyrics from
ashita he no kibou to fuan 
motto wakariae tara 
kimi no hitomi, kumorasenai 
sube ga wakaru no kamo 

Lyrics from
If only we understood better,
the hopes and fears of tomorrow... 
I won't let your eyes get clouded, 
I think I know how. 

Lyrics from
tayori naku mawari dashi ta 
boku tachi no tabi no sharin
soredemo tada hitotsu 
yuruginai mono ga aru yo koko ni 

Lyrics from
We began our journey 
on these unreliable wheels,
nevertheless there's one of them
right here, that won't waver. 

Lyrics from
norikoerarenai no ha 
takai yama ya umi janaku 
jibun jishin kamo shirenai 
jamana nimotsu sutete shimaou 
nani mo iranai 

Lyrics from
What we have to overcome
are not high mountains or the see,
but probably, just ourselves.
Let's throw away all this excess luggage.
We don't need anything!
If this Sun were ever to break,
I would become the fire
that illuminates this road.

Lyrics from
moshimo, kono taiyou 
kowareyou tomo 
boku ga kono michi wo terasu honoo ni narou 

Lyrics from
If this land, were ever to tear apart
It would be OK, because I
would become the bridge
that helps you cross the cracks.

Lyrics from
moshimo, kono daichi 
sake te shimaou tomo 
daijoubu tsugi no basho he 
watareru boku ga hashi ni naru 

Lyrics from
If ever this wind
were to stop blowing,
I would become 
the oars that move this boat.

Lyrics from
moshimo, kono kaze ga 
yan de shimaou tomo 
boku ga kono fune wo 
kogu ooru ni narou

Lyrics from
And if one day,
we could get there,
every day of our journey
would become a forever resounding song.

Transliterated by ine_capa

Translated by ilovebishonen

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