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Moe yo! Giza Mimi Pichuu
Burn! Spiky-eared Pichu!

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Description: D/P Ending 4

Sung by Nakagawa "Shoko-tan" Shouko

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Kii - ta ka - ano - uwasa wo?
Ki ni - naru - sono - Pokemon!
Mie - ta ka - ano - gizagiza?
Taka - naru - kono - haato!

Lyrics from
Have - you - heard - the rumors?
The - Pokemon - everyone's - noticing!
Have - you - seen - that spiky ear?
My - heart - is throbbing - so fast!

Lyrics from
Soitsu no namae giza mimi Pichuu
Ha! Ha! Hajiketa kyara de
Soitsu no kamae ika ni mo kanfuu
Ho! Ho! Horebore jibun de

Lyrics from
Its name is "Spiky-eared"
Ha! Ha! It's a perky character!
Its posture is really like kung-fu
Ho! Ho! It's a charming individual

Lyrics from
Kagami no mae de muchuu!
Kakkotsukete Pichuu!
Souiu ko (ho!)

Lyrics from
In a daze in front of the mirror
Is a trying-to-be-stylish Pichu!
It's such a little kid

Lyrics from
Ii ase kaita giza mimi Pichuu
Ha! Ha! Hara ga pekopeko de
Uba no mi ikutsu okuchi ni hairu?
Ho! Ho! Hoobari sugichatte

Lyrics from
It worked up a good sweat, that Spiky-eared Pichu
Ha! Ha! Its stomach is growling
How many Grepa berries can it stuff in its mouth?
Ho! Ho! Its cheeks are stretching all the way!

Lyrics from
Hoppe ga fukurete fukkuu!
Dareka ni waware shokkuu?
Nandaka dandan
Kuyashiku natte kite

Lyrics from
Its cheeks are puffing up, poof!
Someone laughs at it, and, shock?!
Somehow, little by little
It's starting to feel regretful

Lyrics from
Makezugirai na giza mimi Pichuu
Ha! Ha! Hajimete no aite
Dengeki kassen da shibibibirechau!
Ho! Ho! Honki moodo de ne

Lyrics from
A hating-to-lose Spiky-eared Pichu
Ha! Ha! It's its first opponent
It's an electrifying battle!  Going nu-nu-nu-numb!
Ho! Ho! It's in serious mode now!

Lyrics from
Tonikaku shoubu to Pichuu!
Sono ato naisu tu miichuu!
Souiou ko (ha!)

Lyrics from
For now, its a win-or-lose Pichu!
But later it's "nice to meet you!"
It's such a little kid (ha!)

Lyrics from
Tsuyoku naritai giza mimi Pichuu!
Ha! Ha! Hashitte kitaete
Wasurecha ikenai mondai hitotsu!
Ho! Ho! Hokou onchi de ne

Lyrics from
It wants to be strong, Spiky-eared Pichu
Ha! Ha! It trains by running
But don't forget, it has one problem
Ho! Ho! It has no sense of direction!

Lyrics from
Ki ga dzukya koko dokoo?
Maiko da kyorokyoroo!
Soushite dandan
Namida ga poroporo porororo

Lyrics from
It realizes, "where am I?"
The little lost kid looks around aimlessly
And then, little by little,
Its tears come pouring out, pouringinging!

Lyrics from
Datte datte ano ko
Onnanoko nanda mon!
Giza mimi Pichuu
Giza moe! Giza kawayusu na!

Lyrics from
That's because, because, that little kid
Is a little girl!
Spiky-eared Pichu
Mega-burn! She's mega-cute! [1]

Lyrics from
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Hazumeba!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Ureshisu!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Odoreba!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Tanoshisu!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Waraeba!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Kawayusu!
Giza - Mimi - Giza - Otenba!
Giza - Mimi - Iza - Sanjou!

Lyrics from
Spiky - eared - when it mega - bounces [2]
Spiky - eared - it is mega - happy
Spiky - eared - when it mega - dances
Spiky - eared - it has mega - fun
Spiky - eared - when it mega - laughs
Spiky - eared - it is mega - cute
Spiky - eared - it is a mega - tomboy
Spiky - eared - it is now a - sensation!

Lyrics from
Soitsu no namae giza mimi Pichuu
Ha! Ha! Hanikami kyara de
Kocchi wo miteru chirachira miteru
Ho! Ho! Hoppe akakushite

Lyrics from
Its name is "Spiky-eared Pichu"
Ha! Ha! It's a shy character
Look over here, watch it flicker
Ho! Ho! With reddening cheeks

Lyrics from
Kocchi ni oide yo yahhoo!
Issho ni asobou yohhoo!
Soushite dandan
Nakayoku naru naru narururu

Lyrics from
Come over here, Yahoo!
Let's play together, Yo-ho!
And then, little by little
close friends we'll become-come-come!

Lyrics from
Datte datte ano ko
Ki ni naru ko nanda mon!
Giza mimi Pichuu!

Lyrics from
Because, because that little kid
Is always on my mind!
Spiky-eared Pichu!

Lyrics from
Rarararara ano ko
Rarararara ranraran!
Giza mimi Pichuu!
Giza moe! Giza kawayusu na!

Lyrics from
Lalalalala that little kid
Lalalalala lanlalan!
Spiky-eared Pichu!
Mega-burn! She's mega-cute!

[1] This is a word pun. the "Giza" in "Giza Mimi" comes from "Gizagiza" meaning "spiky", "Giza" is also a slang derivative of "Giga" meaning something like "mega". "giza kawayusu" meaning "mega cute" (kawayusu being a slurred form of "kawaii desu") is a phrase made popular by Nakagawa Shouko, the singer of this song and the voice actress of Pikachu-colored Pichu.

[2] Similar to the above, in this stanza "giza" is alternating meaning and the adjectives are mimicking the "kawayusu" form, "ureshisu" for "ureshii desu" and so on.

Translated and transliterated by Rizuchan

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