Rekishi Bourou "Moji Sabaku"
History Watchtower "Desert of Letters"

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Album / Collection: OST 7: Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- (Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!-)
Track # 3

Vocals: Toukyou Konsei Gasshoudan, Engeki Jikkenshitsu "Ban'yuu Inryoku"
(Tokyo Mixed Chorus Troupe, Theatrical Laboratory "Universal Gravitation")
Lyrics, Music, Arrangement: J.A. Seazer
From 7th album "Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- UTINAM REVIVISCAT MEDIUM AEVUM!"
(Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!- IF ONLY WE COULD REVIVE THE MIDDLE AGES!)

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Shirobara    akabara    shouchou    tokuchou
Shojo    Junkyouto no Shomotsu, sunawachi, moji

Lyrics from
White rose, red rose, symbol, characteristic
Virgin, The Book of Martyrs, in other words, letters

Lyrics from
Fukuzatsu kouchi na shouchou, tokuchou
Tanjun    junketsu    juujika, sunawachi moji

Lyrics from
Complicated and elaborate symbols, characteristics
Simplicity, purity, cruciform, in other words letters

Lyrics from
Aa, eikyuu hyakka
Kakuu no shomotsu "Fishiogurosu"

Lyrics from
Ah, the many eternal specimens
In the fictional book "Physiologus" [1]

Lyrics from
Waga, higenjitsu    chouryoubakko    sudzukuri, moete
Shishite nao fukkatsu, moji

Lyrics from
My unreality, domination, burn the nest-building
Even in death is there rebirth, letters

Lyrics from
Itanji    ikyou    kiseki no souzou
Muimi, hiimi    kiwamete shinpi, moji

Lyrics from
Enfant terrible, strange land, miraculous creation
No meaning, non-meaning, extremely mystical, letters

Lyrics from
Aa, Fukashigi Monogatari
Sorinusu, Puriniusu "Hakubutsushi"

Lyrics from
Ah, Collection of Curiosities [2]
Solinus and Pliny the Elder's "Natural History"

Lyrics from
Densetsu    kitan    shinwa    setsuwa
Gensou    kuusou    zokugaku, sunawachi moji

Lyrics from
Legends, mysteries, myths, narratives
Illusions, fantasies, worldly studies, in other words letters

Lyrics from
Inmujosei    danseimuma
XX keishiki    XY hen'i, moji

Lyrics from
Succubus, incubus
XX form, XY variation, letters

Lyrics from
Aa, Foveru Monogatari
Vansan "Rekishi no Kagami"

Lyrics from
Ah, Roman de Fauvel [3]
Vincent's "Mirror of History"

Lyrics from
Aa, Homerosu "Odyusseia"
Mandiviru "Hanshizen no Monogatari"

Lyrics from
Ah, Homer's "Odyssey"
Mandeville's "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville" [4]

[1] Although in Japanese, the text is written as though the translation should be "Physiogulos," I believe this is an error. The "Physiologus" is a didactic text that describes various animals and plants, both real and fictional, including immortal creatures such as the phoenix.

[2] The literal translation of "Fukashigi Monogatari" would be something like "Wondrous/Mysterious Story," but Solinus is known for his text Collection of Curiosities, a.k.a. The Wonders of the World, which is taken in large part from Pliny's Natural History.

[3] Roman de Fauvel is a French poem that translates into the Story of the Fawn-Colored Creature.

[4] The literal translation of "Hanshizen no Monogatari" is "Unnatural Story"; "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville" describes a great many unnatural things while journeying through various exotic locales, so I suspect that the Japanese version took liberties.

Translated and transliterated by Ayu Ohseki

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