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Album / Collection: WORKING!! Character Song Menu 2 - Taneshima Popura
Track # 1

Description: Popura Character Song

Singer: Asumi Kana
Lyrics: Yasukawa Shuugo
Composition: Tanaka Kero

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Chotto dake kiitete
Sugu ni dekiru yo
Datte datte konna no
KANTANna koto!

Lyrics from
Just ask me a little bit.
I can do it right away!
Well because, because this kind of thing
Is so simple!

Lyrics from
Hyottoshite sukoshi
Okubyouna kimochi?
Matte matte sonna no
Satto sutechatte!

Lyrics from
Could it be you're having
A bit of a cowardly feeling?
Wait, wait, throw away
That kind of thing right now!

Lyrics from
Sesuji nobashite
Mae wo muitara
Nikkori ne Warau dake

Lyrics from
If you straighten out your back
And look ahead,
You'll just be all smiles!

Lyrics from
CHEKKU shite kagami
OK, OK Kyou mo
Kiai juubun!

Lyrics from
I check in the mirror.
My preparations are perfect.
OK, OK today I
Have plenty of enthusiasm!

Lyrics from
Me ga mawarisou ni
Isogashii toki wa
Nao sara warawanakya

Lyrics from
At times when it's busy
And it feels like my eyes are spinning,
That's exactly when I've gotta smile.

Lyrics from
Dareka no tame ni Hataraku watashi
Wari to suki

Lyrics from
I actually like the me
Who works for the sake of someone else.

Lyrics from
Ii kana Ii desho Sonna mainichi
Motto Motto ne Egao ni nareru
Ii kamo Ii yo ne Honno hitotoki
Minna Minna wo Shiawase ni dekitara

Lyrics from
Is it OK? It is, right? Having that kind of every day
Where I have more and more smiles.
It might be fine. It's fine, right? Just for a little while,
If that makes everyone, everyone happy.

Lyrics from
La La La......

Lyrics from
La La La......

Lyrics from
Patto mi wa nandaka
Kowasouna hito mo
Hoka hoka gohan
Tabete gokigen!

Lyrics from
Just from a glance, I know
If you give piping hot food
To people about to break,
They'll eat it and be all better!

Lyrics from
Gyutte dakishimetai
Kibun ni naru no
Sokka sokka Kore ga
YARIGAI nano ne!

Lyrics from
I get the feeling
That I want to hug you tight.
I see, I see, this is
Something that's worth doing!

Lyrics from
Ai to ka yume no
Atsumaru tokoro
Mannaka ga ii yo ne

Lyrics from
The beat place for love and dreams
To gather is
Right in the middle.

Lyrics from
Tatta ichido no Deai mo watashi

Lyrics from
Just a single meeting is 
So beloved to me.

Lyrics from
Sou kana Sou desho Konna jikan ga
Kitto Kitto ne Ashita wo tsukuru
Sou kamo Sou da ne Egao to egao
Hitotsu Hitotsu ga Tsunagatte yukun da wa

Lyrics from
Is that right? It is, isn't it? This kind of time
Will surely, surely make up tomorrow.
That might be true. Yeah, it must be. SmilesĀ + Smiles.
One by one, they're being tied together.

Lyrics from
Chippoke na jibun Tokidoki
TAMEIKI tsuku koto aru kedo
Akirame nakereba itsuka wa kawaru kana
Ookina te janai kedo
Hakobi nukeyou
Sasayakana nukumori Nosete

Lyrics from
The little me sometimes
Sighs, but
If I don't give up, I wonder if I can change someday.
I don't have big hands, but
I'll carry it,
Riding on this gentle warmth.

Lyrics from
Dou kana Dou daro Ukkarina hi ni wa
Chotto Chotto ne YUUUTSU kibun
Sou kamo Sou dayo Konna toki koso
Ichido Mo ichido
Waratte mireba iin janai?

Lyrics from
How is it? How, I wonder? On days when my head is empty
I get a bit, a bit of a melancholic feeling.
That may be true. Yeah, it is! 
At times like this one more time, just one more time
Why don't you try smiling?

Lyrics from
Ii kana Ii desho Sonna mainichi
Motto Motto ne Egao ni nareru
Ii kamo Ii yo ne Honno hitotoki
Minna Minna wo Shiawase ni dekiru kara

Lyrics from
Is it OK? It is, right? Having that kind of every day
Where I have more and more smiles.
It might be fine. It's fine, right? Just for a little while,
Because that makes everyone, everyone happy.

Translated and transliterated by mewpudding101

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