Another: World is Mine

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Album / Collection: KAITO

Description: "World is Mine" Answer Song

Lyrics by Anima
Music by Ryo
Vocals by KAITO [programmed by awk]
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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
sekai de ichiban ohimesama [1]
wakatteiru kara  omae wa ore no  yome [2]

Lyrics from
I know that you're the most wonderful princess in the world [1]
So I want you as my bride [2]

Lyrics from
sono ichi  sou ieba kami kitta? sukoshi dake nadete yaru
sono ni  atarashii HIIRU sore kekkou  ii ne
sono san  omae no hitokoto niwa yokeina kotoba nante iranai daro
sore jaa hora  migite ga aiten dakara te wo tsunagou ka

Lyrics from
First off, by any chance, did you cut your hair? I hope you don't mind if I touch it a bit
Second, those new heels look good on you
Third, you don't need unnecessary chatter to add to your words
And look, since your right hand is empty, shall we hold hands?

Lyrics from
sonna tsuyogatteru koto mo wakatteru sa
dakara shinpai sunna  kyou mo kyou tote  kawaii ne

Lyrics from
I know that the things you do are just to make you look tough
So don't worry, you're as adorable as always, okay?

Lyrics from
sekai de ichiban ohimesama [1]
youbou wa?  hai hai
ima iku kara sabishigaru na yo
ore wo ittai dare da to omottenda
omae no NAITO dazo
mina made iu na  purin nara  reizouko da

Lyrics from
The loveliest princess in the world [1]
What is your request? ...Got it
I'm on my way, so don't feel lonesome
Just who do you think I am?
I'm your knight in shining armor!
Say no more! If you'd like some pudding, it's in the fridge

Lyrics from
(Check 1, 2...)

Lyrics from
(Check 1, 2...)

Lyrics from
fuman mo monku iu dake muda da
sore ga aitsu no subete
souda, aitsu ga hoshigatteta fuku  nan dattakke...
nn, nan dayo?  shiroi oumasan?  shikata nai na
ote wo totte  MERII-GOO-RANDO
ima dake wa kore de gaman shite yo  Princess

Lyrics from
There's no point in grumbling or complaining
That's all she ever does
Hm, now which was that dress she wanted...?
Wh-What? A white horse? If you insist...
Take my hand and we'll ride the merry-go-round
You'll have to be satisfied with this for now, my Princess

Lyrics from
sonna tsuyogatteru koto mo wakatteru sa
souka  soko made iu nara ni, san-kai kozuite yarimasu yo

Lyrics from
I know that the things you do are just your way of acting tough
Oh? If you keep saying that, I'll have to bop you a couple times

Lyrics from
sekai de omae dake no oujisama
gara janai ga demo
manzara warui ki mo shinai
kore dake aisareteru omae nara
itsuka wa hora  kigatsuku to shinjiteru

Lyrics from
I'm your prince, and yours alone
It's a little out-of-character for me
But it's not all that bad
You really are loved
I do believe that someday you'll realize this

Lyrics from
"kimi" no koto subete  wakattenai  wakari wa shinai

Lyrics from
I don't yet understand everything about you, and I don't think I ever will

Lyrics from
ichigo no notta SHOOTO KEEKI
kodawari tamago no tokokeru purin
reizouko no naka nemutta mama
kore bakkari wa tameiki da
sou da omae wa yareba dekiru
dakara kakugo shite oku yo

Lyrics from
A shortcake with a strawberry on top
And delectable pudding made from premium eggs
I put them in the fridge while you were asleep
With this I can breathe a sigh of relief
Yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to
So I'm prepared

Lyrics from
touzen daro  datte omae wa

Lyrics from
I suppose it's natural, because you are...

Lyrics from
sekai de ore dake no ohimesama
chanto miteru kara  dokoka ni iku nante nai sa
tama ni wa sotto soba de dakishimeru
"hikareru, abunai yo"  yappa chotto terete kakusu
...ore no hou ni hikareru[3] daro?

Lyrics from
You're my princess, and mine alone
I'm looking right at you, so don't you go anywhere
Sometimes I'll hold you gently close to me
Of course, it's a little embrassing, so I cover it up with, "Careful, you'll be struck!"
...But perhaps it's me you're stricken[3] by?

Lyrics from
(Mm hm, You love me)

Lyrics from
(Mm hm, You love me)

This is an answer song to the popular Hatsune Miku ditty, "World is Mine". Most of the lines are replies to the lines Miku gives and the demands she makes, and the two songs share the same melody.

[1] As a matter of personal preference I changed these to "most wonderful" and "loveliest" princess, but you'll probably know it as the usual literal translation of "number one princess."

[2] Literally, "You are my bride."

[3] A pun on "hikareru". In this and the previous line it is written with two different kanji. In the former, it means "to be run over/knocked down (by a vehicle)" and in the latter it means "to be attracted (by)."

Translated and transliterated by ArtemisA

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