Shizuka na Yoru no Gaitou Machi no Hazure
On The Outskirts of a Lamp Lit Town on a Quiet Night

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Album / Collection: Hatsune Miku

Music and Lyrics by Ukin
Vocals by Hatsune Miku
Nico Video:

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Lyrics from
nee  machi no hikari ni wa
iya na koto bakari
utsuru kigashite
ochitsukanai yo

Lyrics from
Y'know, I feel like
the lights in this town
only shine on unpleasant things
I can't stay here

Lyrics from
nee  shizuka na toko e sa
nigite ikitai na
ima wa kowainda
hikari no kage ga

Lyrics from
Y'know, I want to run away
to someplace quiet
The shadows cast by these lights
are scaring me

Lyrics from
HIKARI wa abakidasu
KOKORO no hibiware wo
kuzure hajimeteru
ushinai hajimeteru
ima wa yoru ga nai
koko wa yami ga nai

Lyrics from
The light exposes
the cracks in people's hearts
They're starting to fall apart
We're starting to lose them
Now there is no night
There is no darkness here

Lyrics from
dokoka  shizuka na  shizuka na...

Lyrics from
Someplace, some quiet place...

Lyrics from
shizuka na yoru ni wa  yasashii kotoba wo
kakete kureta  anata wa
tooku e itta no.
shizuka na yoru ni wa  hikari wa iranai
sotto  atatakana te wo
kasaneta yoru wa  mou omoide ni

Lyrics from
On that quiet night, you spoke to me
such gentle words, 
and then you went far away.
On quiet nights there's no need for light
The night when our warm hands joined softly
Has already become a memory

Lyrics from
"Mou neyou yo..."
"Gyuudon kui ni ikou ze..."
"Geesen mou shimacchimatta"
"Ashita gakkou iku no ya da naa"

Lyrics from
"Let's go to bed already..."
"Let's go eat some gyuudon!"
"The arcade's already closed."
"I don't wanna go to school tomorrow..."

Lyrics from
nee  nigiyaka na toko wa
atatakana tokoro?
arukidasanai to
warawareru kamo

Lyrics from
Say, is a lively place
the same as a friendly place?
If I don't start walking
I may start to smile

Lyrics from
HIKARI hajimeteru
KOKORO no hibiware ga
naori hajimeteru
wasure hajimeteru
wasuretakunai yo
watashi no takaramono

Lyrics from
The cracks in people's hearts
begin to shine
They're starting to heal
We're starting to forget
I don't want to forget
The things that I treasure

Lyrics from
zutto  shizuka ni  shizuka ni...

Lyrics from
Always, always quiet...

Lyrics from
shizuka na yoru ni wa  ureshii kotoba wo
kakete kureta  anata wa
tooku e itta no.
shizuka na yoru ni wa  hikari wa iranai
sotto  kasuka ni ai wo
tsubuyaku yoru wa  mou omoide ni

Lyrics from
On that quiet night, you spoke to me
such cheerful words, 
and then you went far away.
On quiet nights there's no need for light
The night when we whispered our sweet nothings
Has already become a memory

Lyrics from
"Kimi, doko kara kita no?"
"Eh? Asoko kara? Sorya tooi ne"
"Kaerenai no kai?"
"Demo mejirushi ha hitotsu dakara"
"Sono uchi tsuku sa"

Lyrics from
"Where did you come from?"
"Wow, that's pretty far away."
"You can't get back?"
"But there is one sign."
"You'll make it there eventually."

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Lyrics from
"Thank you."

Lyrics from
shizuka na yoru ni wa  hikari wa iranai
yatto  aruki hajimete
koko to SAYONARA
shizuka na yoru ni wa  hontou ni kirei na
sasayaka dakedo  musuu no
KOKORO no hikari  mou daijoubu

Lyrics from
On quiet nights there's no need for light
I've finally started to walk
Farewell, lively town
Quiet nights are truly beautiful
With the light of countless little hearts shining
Everything will be alright

The dialogue (in quotations) appears in the video but is not actually spoken.

Translated and transliterated by ArtemisA

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