Ichiru no Negai
A Ray of Hope

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin & Len

Sung by: Rin & Len Kagamine
Lyrics, composition and arrangement by: Shuujin P

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[Kokatsu suru ENERUGII ni taiou subeku
Zen jinrui no nou wo kikai ni utsusu
Jinrui saikou kikaku an ga kokuren yori shikousarete hyaku nen
Zen jinrui no ANDOROIDOka wa "hobo" shuuryou shita]

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[In order to handle the depleting energy
The brains of the whole human race were transferred to machines
Since the United Nations enforced the Human Race Revival Project motion
After one hundred years, the androidification of the whole human race was "almost" over]

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Akenu yoru oou machi ni
Tsuki no hikari wa mou todokanai
Nido to modoranu tame ni
Jinrui ga yuku michi

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The night covering the town won't end
The light of the moon doesn't reach it anymore
For the sake of not returning a second time 
Single out
The road that the human race will go along

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Namami no ningen wa mou inai
Itami wo ushinatta sekai
Itami wo shiranai PUROGURAMU no
Tsuke wa sekai wo oou

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Humans of flesh and blood no longer exist
It's a world where pain has been lost
The program that doesn't know pain
Overshadowing, it covers the world

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Chi mo namida mo nagarenai
Kokoro sae mo itamanai
Shin jinrui no kyoui
Nokosareta kyuu jinrui no
Hatasubeki shimei wa
Sou idenshi wo mirai ni tsunagu koto

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Blood and tears don't flow
Even the soul doesn't get hurt
The threat of the new human race
Is what is left of the old one
The mission that they must accomplish is
Yes, link their genes to the future

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Doko de magatte shimatta??
Sensou wa mada owaranai
Mimi no oku ni nokoru kotoba
"Omaera dake wa ikiru n da..."

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Where did things end up getting warped??
The war still hasn't ended
The words remaining in the depths of our ears are
"Only you guys will live on..."

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Samenu yumemiru machi ni
Hito no kodou wa mou kikoenai
Semete kuyamanu tame ni
Jinrui ga tsumu ishi

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The town won't wake from its dreaming 
You can no longer hear the beat of a person
In order that you at least won't have regrets
Watch over
As the human race plucks its will

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Namami no ningen wa mou shinda
Futari no kyoudai wo nozoki
Futari ni nokoshita ichiru no kibou
Jikuu kidou INTAAFEISU

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Humans of flesh and blood have already died
Except for two siblings
The ray of hope left behind for the two 
Was the Space-time Trajectory Interface

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Rekishi no BEKUTORU jou ni
Toujousha to natta ningen wo
ROODO suru souchi
Jinrui saigo no kyoudai no
Hatasubeki shimei wa
Sou rekishi wo arata ni tsukuru koto

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Aboard the vector of history
A human could become the passenger
Loading the device
The last siblings of the human race
Had to accomplish the mission
So that history could be made anew

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Kioku mo karada mo ushinatte
Boku ni wa mou modorenai
Yarubeki koto wakaranaku natte
"Naze boku wa naiteru n da..."

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The memories and body would be lost
I can't turn back anymore
What I must do becomes unclear
"Why am I crying..."

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Semaru shin jinrui ga
Oitsukaretara  kuitsukusareru
Kimi ga kuwareru mae ni
Subete wo ZERO e  boku ga ima yuku michi

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The new human race draws near
If it catches up with us, we'll be killed 
Before it gets to you
I'll now go along the road where everything goes to zero

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Tori de  kainushi de
Shuujin de  byounin de
Senshi de  matsu hito de
Koji de  kyoudai de

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A bird - its keeper
A prisoner - a sick person
A warrior - a person waiting
An orphan - a sibling

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Ittai dore dake no
Toki wo meguri uchira wa koko e kita
Itsu no jidai mo anata ga ita
Taisetsu na mono nan desu
Nakushitakunai mono nan desu

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Just how much
Time has gone by for us to arrive here
Whatever the age was, you were there
You are what's important to me
I don't want to lose you

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[Atarashii meirei PUROGURAMU ikken
SHISUTEMU kidou made rokujuu-byou

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[One new command has been put in the program
Sixty seconds until system activation

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
Kidou meirei juri saremashita
SHISUTEMU kidou shimasu]

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Activation command has been accepted
System activating]

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(Nii-chan. Kono mama ja yatsura ni kowasarete dame ni nacchau.
Dakara semete kidoushi owaru made wa yatsura no ki wo hiku, 
watashi ga esa ni nareba suufun wa ki ga hikeru)

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(Big brother. As it is, our efforts to destroy them will be unsuccessful.
They'll get to us, so at least until the activation finishes, 
if I become the bait, I could attract them to me for a few minutes)

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(Dame da...!! Koko wo hirakeru n da)

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(You can't...!! Now open this)

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(Uun, ima made nando mo nii-chan ga...
Iya, anata ga mamotte kureta... Hagemashite kureta...
Kondo wa watashi ga anata ni takusu ban...)

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(No, all the time up until now you...
Well, you were protecting me... you encouraged me... 
This time it's my turn to entrust you to take care of things...)

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(*HAA... HAA* Daijoubu......
Subete wo kaeta sekai de...
*HAA... HAA* Mata aeru yo...

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
(*Pant... pant* It's alright......
In the world where everything has changed...
*Pant... pant* We'll meet again...

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Tsugi wa h...)

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com
Next time w...)

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Sameru yumemiru machi ga
Koko kara saki wa  mou modorenai
Kimi ga iru kono jidai wa
Shiawase datta  sou da to
Iu tame ni

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The town is waking from its dreaming
From here on out, there's no turning back
This age in which you were in
That's when it was happy
Is what I'll say

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"Ue e mairimasu"

Lyrics from Animelyrics.com

"Going up"

I found that the text in the video was valuable to understanding the song's story (plus, it was included with the lyrics) and so I have put that part in too even though it's not voiced. Those parts are marked by brackets.
This song comes after Risoukyou and is followed by Shin Seiki.
It also introduces links to several other songs by Shuujin P when Rin and Len are commenting on their past lives. "Tori de kainushi de" is related to the song "Datsugoku". "Shuujin de byounin de" is from both "Shuujin" and "Kami Hikouki" (Kami Hikouki is Rin's answer song to Shuujin).
"Senshi de matsu hito de" is from "Kakumei" and finally, "Koji de kyoudai de" is from "Koji".

Translated and transliterated by Hikarin

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