Kitsune no Yomeiri
A Fox's Wedding[1]

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Rin

Lyrics/Music by OSTER Project

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ame ga furishikiru naka
kitsune wa, otoko o matte ita.

Lyrics from
Standing in a violent downpour,
a fox was waiting for a man.

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toaru natsu no yo no yume ni
hidoku mune o yakarete wa
kokoro kakimidasareru paranoia

Lyrics from
While my bosom is on fire
from the dream in that one summer night,
my heart is stirred up by my paranoia.

Lyrics from
kemono  yue no shoubun ka
amai mitsu ni juujun na
kono mi kogashi  koyoi mo
kagen no tsuki o niramu

Lyrics from
Maybe it is because of my beastly nature,
my body, submitting to the sweet nectar,
is consumed with passion, and tonight, once again,
I'm staring intently at the waning moon.

Lyrics from
futatsu no yo o  wakehedatsu mono
kono te de kirikizamu tame ni
mizukagami ni utsuru sugata sae mo
kaete miseyou

Lyrics from
In order to obliterate with my own hands
the things that are separating the two worlds,
I'm willing to change even my current appearance
which I see on the reflective water surface.

Lyrics from
tooriame de owaru nara
naite  naite  sore de mo naite
ookina umi ni natta nara
anata wa oborete kuremasu ka

Lyrics from
If everything should end after the sudden rain,
then I will weep, weep, and still weep.
When my tears have collected into a huge lake,
will you let yourself drown in it?

Lyrics from
wabishiki aki no yuugure mo
maichiru yuki e to utsurou
haseru omoi no take mo furitsumoru

Lyrics from
The dusk of the dreary autumn
gradually changes into drifting snow.
My thoughts for you are also piling up.

Lyrics from
hitome ima hitome yo  to
seku kokoro o nadamete wa
tamayura no ouse e to
ashibaya ni yami o kakeru

Lyrics from
One glance, I just want to take one glance at you.
While trying to calm down my restless heart,
I quickly run through the darkness
in order to have a brief date with you.

Lyrics from
ume no hana  kanzashi ni shite
utta shibai no kazu yori mo
itomagoi no wabishisa ni
ikudo mo makura nurasu

Lyrics from
Because of the gloominess of our farewells,
my tears have soaked up my pillow more times
than the number of tricks[2] I played on others
while wearing my plum flower hairpins.

Lyrics from
tooriame de owaru to mo
aishi aishi sore de mo aishi
senri no yama mo koeta nara
watashi o aishite kuremasu ka

Lyrics from
Even if everything should end after the sudden rain,
I will love, love, and still love you.
When I have crossed over thousands of miles of mountains,
will you love me?

Lyrics from
shukumei ni aragainagara
koiuta tsumugu haru no yo ni
itoshiki hito hohoemu sono saki ni
onna no kage

Lyrics from
As I try to fight against my fate,
in a spring night, when I'm weaving out a love song,
I see another woman's figure standing
before my beloved while he is smiling.

Lyrics from
tooriame ni sugizu to mo
aishi aishi aishitsukarete
bakashiai ni katenu nara
isso futari de

Lyrics from
Even if I'm nothing more than a passing rain to you,
I love you, love you, and am getting tired.
If I cannot win by trying to outfox her,
then you and I should rather just

Lyrics from
sanzu no funaba o koete
tomo ni gaki no seki ni irou ka
sarekoube sae mo itoshii
kore ga watashi no

Lyrics from
pass through the dock of the Sanzu River[3],
and together join the hungry ghouls there.
Even if you're only a skull, I'll still love you.
This shall be
my wedding.

Lyrics from
chishio no yuami sundara
hodonaku mairimasu

Lyrics from
Once I'm done with the blood bath,
I shall immediately come for you.

[1] The Japanese phrase "kitsune no yomeiri", literally "a fox's wedding", actually refers to the phenomenon of sunshower. This is why "rain" is frequently referenced within the song.
[2] In Japanese folklore, foxes (kitsune), just like raccoon dogs (tanuki), are said to be mischievous tricksters who often deceive/trick humans with their magic tricks.
[3] The Sanzu River is the Japanese equivalent of River Styx.

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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