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Album / Collection: Gachapoid/Ryuuto

lyrcs & music by Bruschetta51

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Lyrics from
(Toaru mori ni sumu yōkai no ohanashi)

Lyrics from
(The story of a goblin that lived in a certain forest)

Lyrics from
zutto hitoribotchi datta
kimi ni deau made wa
hen na fuku da to warawarete
hajimete egao shitta

Lyrics from
I was all alone
until I met you.
With you laughing at my strange clothes,
I discovered smiles for the first time.

Lyrics from
futari de suru asobi nante
boku wa shiranakatta
kimi ga oshiete kureta koto
zenbu tanoshikatta

Lyrics from
I never knew about
playing with someone else.
I enjoyed everything
you showed me.

Lyrics from
tomodachi no akashi da tte
kimi ga kureta orizuru to
ichimai no origami wa
ima wa boku no takaramono da yo

Lyrics from
saying it was a token of our friendship
the origami paper crane
you gave me
is now my treasured possession.

Lyrics from
nando mo nando mo orinaoshite
kono kami wa mō boroboro da keredo
kimi ga kureta kono orizuru wa
taisetsu ni taisetsu ni motte'ru yo

Lyrics from
After folding it so many times
this sheet of paper has tattered,
but I really cherish
this paper crane you gave me.

Lyrics from
bukiyō na boku no yubisaki ja
umaku orenai kedo ganbaru yo
tsugi ni au toki made ni kitto
umaku oreru yō ni naru kara ne

Lyrics from
My clumsy fingers
can't fold it properly but I keep trying,
so that by the time we next meet,
I'll surely be able to do it well.

Lyrics from
(Kare wa zutto machitsuzukemashita
itsumademo itsumademo)

Lyrics from
(He continued to wait
on and on ...)

Lyrics from
doko ni mo nakusanai yō ni
shikkari motte'tara
bukiyō na boku no te wa

Lyrics from
So I wouldn't lose it somewhere
I held on firmly,
but my clumsy hands
ended up crushing it.

Lyrics from
tomodachi no akashi na n da
moshimo naosenakattara
kimi to no kizuna mo issho ni
tsuburete shimau sonna no ya da yo

Lyrics from
It's the token of our friendship.
If I can't fix it,
my bond with you
will be destroyed. I would hate that!

Lyrics from
nando mo nando mo korobinagara
boku wa ganbatte hashitta n da
dareka ga kitto orizuru o
naoshite kureru sō omotte ita

Lyrics from
Falling over again and again
I went on running.
I thought that surely someone
would fix my paper crane for me.

Lyrics from
nando mo nando mo tazunete mo
dōshite minna boku o mushi suru no?
dōshite tasukete kurenai no?
dareka nē orizuru o naoshite yo

Lyrics from
No matter how many times I ask,
why does everyone ignore me?
Why don't you help me?
Hey, somebody fix my paper crane!

Lyrics from
hitoribotchi wa mō iya da yo
mō ichido ano ko ni aitai kara
dare de mo ii kara kono boku ni
nē tsuru no orikata o oshiete yo
tsuru no orikata o oshiete yo
tsuru no orikata o oshiete yo

Lyrics from
I'm sick of being alone!
I want to see that girl again
so someone, anyone,
show me how to fix the paper crane!
Show me how to fix the crane!
Show me how to fix the crane!

Lyrics from

Lyrics from

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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