Ai no Meikyuu Butoukai
Love Labyrinth Ball

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Album / Collection: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Hajike Matsuri Vocal Collection
Track # 3

Description: Stage 1 theme song 2

Lyrics by osamu
Music by Hideo Suzuki
Sung by MARI.T

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mou dame nante  yowane o hakazu ni
kabuke  kabuke  ittsa shoo taimu
kiite'nakute mo suteeji wa matanai
nomina  tanto  o-su o

Lyrics from
Without whining or giving up,
just dance away! It's show time!
Even if you're not listening, and stage's not waiting.
Drink up! Lots and lots of vinegar!

Lyrics from
kurushikarou  imouto no kataki

Lyrics from
It's bitter, isn't it?--Revenge for your little sister!

Lyrics from
tatoe gabyou o funde mo
hiroin no za wa watasanai
kore kara no on-suteeji
hora yo sushi tarou
ima de mo tarai wa kiku ze
oo yee-  oo yee-

Lyrics from
Even if I were to step on thumbtacks,
I will not hand over the heroine's throne.
Now watch me on stage,
you little quack!
Even now the wash bowl trick still works like a charm! [1]
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Lyrics from
hei yuu ittsa shoo taimu  nerau ze shou o
rabu rabirinsu kaien  ai no meikyuu
byuuti ga hime de  omae wa inu yaku

Lyrics from
Hey you, it's show time, and I'm shooting for the prize!
The Love Labyrinth will now start.
Beauty will be the Princess, and you will play the Dog.
Shake, boy!!

Lyrics from
imaimashii komusume  watasanai wa yo
katto katto  soko wa sukuizu
socchi no kantoku
butai no hiroin wa watashi dake na no

Lyrics from
What an annoying little girl! I will not let you have it!
Cut, cut! You're supposed to do a squeeze play there!
What? YOU are the director? [2]
But I am the one and only heroine on this stage.

Lyrics from
ochazuke biimu abite mo
sonna koto wa o-kamai nashi sa
aa shinde mo tabenai oretachi youshoku wa nan da yo
arigatou  haji kakasenai tame ni kita no ne roshinante

Lyrics from
Even if I were showered by Ochazuke Beams, [3]
I wouldn't give a damn.
I won't eat any even if I die. What's wrong with liking Western food?
Thank you, Rocinante, for showing up and not embarrassing me. [4]

Lyrics from
gyogyo-ayatsuri no mai  misoshiru o-machi
misoshiru ni suru nara  shiromiso saikou
shijimi wa dashi ja nai ze  tanomu ze oyaji

Lyrics from
Fishy-Fish Manipulation Dance! Here's the miso soup you ordered.
If you're having miso, then white miso is the best.
No, clams cannot be used to make soup stock! I beg you, old pal!

Lyrics from
gyogyo-ayatsuri no mai tsuu  o-mochi nasai
futa o aketara oyaji ni nareru
suteki na miyage o  o-mochi nasai

Lyrics from
Fishy-Fish Manipulation Dance 2! Please bring that thing to me.
That thing which turns you into an old man as soon as you open it.
Please bring me one of those wonderful souvenirs.

[1] The wash bowl trick is an extremely overused but nevertheless popular Japanese running gag, by which a large wooden or metal bowl/basin, normally used for washing hands, face, or clothes, is dropped onto someone's head for comical effects.

[2] The Japanese word used here, "kantoku", can mean either a movie director or a sports team coach. The ambiguity/pun here is probably intended, since this song is supposedly about a movie/play, but a baseball reference ("squeeze play") has also just appeared in the previous line.

[3] The "ochazuke" is a traditional Japanese snack made by pouring green tea or soup stock directly onto cooked rice. Common toppings include pickled plums, seaweed, dried and ground fish, or roe.

[4] "Rocinante" is a reference to the Japanese drama "Mukai Arata no Doubutsu Nikki: Aiken Roshinante no Sainan" ("Mukai Arata's Animal Diary: The Disaster of Rocinante the Dog"). In the drama, Rocinante, a Labrador retriever who has lost its master, loyally awaits the arrival of every train for the return of its dead master. Originally, "Rocinante"is the name of Don Quixote's loyal horse.

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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