Meruhenchikku Yuuenchi
Fairy Tale Amusement Park

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Album / Collection: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Hajike Matsuri Vocal Collection
Track # 6

Description: Stage 3 theme song

Lyrics by osamu
Music by Hideo Suzuki
Sung by Kenichiro Tanimoto

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meruhenchikku na yuuenchi
yatto dekita ze  himitsu kichi
waribashi uete  muraokoshi
shouyuu ni shite ne  wasabi o tsukete
ponzu wa dame na no
ore wa Tokoro Tennosuke

Lyrics from
A fairy tale amusement park
is finally completed! It'll be my secret base!
This place is actually grown out of planted disposable chopsticks.
Please use soy sauce as your dip, and also add some wasabi,
but absolutely no ponzu! [1]
I am the Jelly Jiggly, Tokoro Tennosuke. [2]

Lyrics from
ittsu mai karee

Lyrics from
"It's my curry!!" [3]

Lyrics from
maruchibitamin shii shii shii
asobi wa owari da  purupuru roketto

Lyrics from
Multivitamin C C C!
Enough playing around! Wobble-Wobble Rocket!

Lyrics from
konna watashi mo ichininmae
futari de taberu to tarinai ka mo ne
wagamama iu to  oyatsu-nuki da ze

Lyrics from
But I can only serve one hungry man;
I probably won't be able to fill two stomachs.
Stop being so self-centered, or no snack for you!

Lyrics from
yo- yo- yo-  okusan  okusan
oneesan  okusan  obasan  obasan
dare de mo ii kedo
tokoro de kyou tokoroten ryouri
ima nara ore nihyaku-en
demo hyaku-en ni shite mo ii ze
yo- yo- yo-  sore de mo dame nara
gojuu-en nara dou da
keitai mo tsukeru kara  nan to ka dou
sore de urenakereba  ore wa kubi ni naru shi
ore no ibasho wa doko ni mo nai no ka
demo makerarenai  ore wa makerarenai
me o somukeruna yo
kore ga otoko no ikizama na n da ze

Lyrics from
Yo! Yo! Yo! Lady! Lady!
Young lass! Lady! Ma'am! Ma'am!
Anyone's fine, really,
if you plan on eating tokoroten tonight,
I cost only 200 yen right now!
But I guess I can slash that down to 100 yen.
Yo! Yo! Yo! If you're still not convinced,
how about 50 yen?
Or how about if you also get a free cellphone?
If I still can't be sold, I'll get fired soon.
Is there no other place for me to be?
But I can't give up! I must not give up!
Don't turn away from me!
This, is a real man's way of life!

Lyrics from
karada tokeru ze  makaron
kenka suru nara  oro-oro-orochi

Lyrics from
My body's melting from the "macaron" jest! [4]
If you're fighting, try my Orochi Slippery Snake Heads!

Lyrics from
o-furo hairu no muri da kedo
donichi wa kasei de tatakau no sa
namida nuguu  nu no hankachi

Lyrics from
Although I can't take hot baths,
I'll be fighting on Mars on Fridays and Sundays!
I wipe my tears, with my lucky "Nu" handkerchief.

Lyrics from
maruchibitamin shii shii shii
asobi wa owari da  purupuru roketto

Lyrics from
Multivitamin C C C!
Enough playing around! Wobble-Wobble Rocket!

Lyrics from
purupuru shinken  tokoroten jetto
shushoku ni naru ze  tokoroten
date ni nagaku yatte'nai
kisama ni maketara
kochitora shoubai agattari na n ja
ore no ibasho o toru n ja nee

Lyrics from
Fist of the Wobble-Wobble: Tokoroten Jet!
One day, tokoroten will become s staple food.
I'm not even close to kidding!
If I lose to the likes of you,
our sales will never go up!
I am not letting you take my place!!!

[1] The "ponzu", or pon vinegar, is a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

[2] Tokoro Tennosuke's name is a play on the word "tokoroten", a type of jelly made from agar and usually eaten with soy sauce, vinegar, and/or rice wine.

[3] "It's my curry!!" is a line uttered by Tomohiro/Spiky, when he was taken hostage by Tokoro Tennosuke. Tomohiro was forced by Tokoro Tennosuke to eat spaghetti, but Bo-bobo urged him to go for curry instead.

[4] The "macaron" is a meringue-based confection from France. In the original Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo manga, when Beauty was asked to complete the word after Bo-bobo's "ma", Don Patch's "ka/ca", and Tokoro Tennosuke's "ro", she did not say "ni" to make the word "macaroni" as most people would, but opted for "n". Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke apparently found "macaron" extremely amusing, and laughed hysterically.

Translated and transliterated by animeyay

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