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Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen
Maritsu Evil Academy

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Description: Opening Theme

Written by Souhei Niikawa
Music by Tenpei Satou
Performed by Mariko Yoshino, Rikiya Kinouchi, Arisa Satou, Yuuko Oota, YOSHIKO, Kumiko Sono, Tenpei Satou

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
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ITAZURA zenkai  kyoufu no manabiya  meimon  Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen
rippa na akuma (maou no you ni) hagukumu tame ni
kyou mo hyakkiyakou (akumu no koushin)
Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen (ikite wa kaesanai)

Lyrics from
Full of mischief is  our infamous school of terror  its name  Maritsu Evil Academy
To raise us into perfect demons  (just like overlords)
Going on a rampage again today  (with a nightmare march)
Maritsu Evil Academy  (we won't let anyone get away living)

Lyrics from
kuroMISA no chourei ni seikimatsu[1] TESUTO  Woo~
ushimitsudoki ni jugyou  ZONBI no kyoushi[2] ni
chimidoro no bunkasai  sotsugyoushiki wa minagoroshi

Lyrics from
An end-of-the-century exam[1]  in the morning's dark assembly  woo~
Classes at midnight  with zombies as teachers[2]
Bloody school festivals, graduation day's a massacre

Lyrics from
magamagashiki yume ni KOKORO odorasete
makai de ichiban no yuutousei wa dare~?

Lyrics from
Our hearts dance  to this sinister dream
Who will be  the best honor student of all the land?

Lyrics from
seishun ouka  jakunikukyoushoku[3]  Jaaku Gakuen  Ah~
shounen yo  jashin wo idake[4]

Lyrics from
An after-school battle royal
Praise to Our Youth  and follow Nature's Law[3]  Evil Academy  Ah~
Boys, be atrocious![4]

Lyrics from
noroi no jishuu  ABURA KADABURA  meimon  Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen
denkousekka (me ni mo tomaranu) rouka wo hashiru
kyou mo kagaijugyou[5] (PINPON DASSHU)
Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen  (warugaki PARADAISU)

Lyrics from
Running curse practicals  Abra Kadabra  only at the infamous  Maritsu Evil Academy
We run in the hallways  with lightning speed (in the blink of an eye)
Going for an extra class on violence[5] again today  (Ding Dong Ditch!)
Maritsu Evil Academy  (a delinquent's paradise)

Lyrics from
yuisho dokudokushiki kurorekishi wo hokoru
rekidai maou no bokou  majin no senpai
uchuu kara tenkousei  zayuu no mei wa 'me ni wa me wo'

Lyrics from
We're proud of our school's dark, poisonous history
The alma mater of generations of demons  our upperclassmen are devils
The transfer students are aliens  our motto is "An eye for an eye"

Lyrics from
FUHAHAHA takawarai  akuma no reigisahou
makai no ERIITO wo tairyouseisanchuu

Lyrics from
Laughing out loud  it's demon etiquette
Our school is mass-producing  the elites of the demon world

Lyrics from
seishun ouka  yakiniku teishoku[6]  Jaaku Gakuen  Ah~
shounen yo  jashin wo idake

Lyrics from
An after-school battle royal
Praise to Our Youth  and grilled meat sets for lunch[6]  Evil Academy  Ah~
Boys, be atrocious!

[1] Pun on 'kimatsu' which means "end-of-semester"
[2] Like in the game itself, 'kyoushi' uses a different kanji to what is usually for "teacher", the one used meaning 'evil'
[3] "The strong eat the weak"; also called "survival of the fittest"
[4] Pun on famous phrase by William S. Clark, 'shounen yo, taishi wo idake' ("Boys, Be Ambitious")
[5] Same case as [2], the kanji for 'kagai' that usually means "extra (lesson)" is now "assault"
[6] A common Japanese spoonerism for [3]

Translated and transliterated by AzureDark

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