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Hajimari no Tabi
First Adventure

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Description: Hajimari no Tabi game ending

Lyrics/Music: Shina Gou
sung by: Takeuchi Hiroaki

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
ima made, nani ga naku sugoshi
machi no naka, tada aruiteta
gokusaishoku no hikari no a-chi wo kagaretemo

Lyrics from
Up until now, I was stumbling through life
Just walking through the city
Oblivious to the colors of the sky, but

Lyrics from
mawari no kigi ya toritachi ga
ikiru koto ni kagayaiteite
mabushii hodo ni michi wo kazatteru koto ni kidzukasareta

Lyrics from
You reminded me of how
The birds and trees
Make the streets I walk so beautiful

Lyrics from
boku wa, 
ima made no boku to mukai ai, semete,
machi ni dete kimi ni ai
nanika ga kawaru yokan ga shitanda

Lyrics from
And I
I looked inside myself
I went in search of you
I knew a change was coming

Lyrics from
kyou kara atarashii bouken ga
hajimarou toshite iru
kimi to ayumu, kore kara no tabi
mienai fuan mo issho ni norikoe
bokura no hajimari no tabi

Lyrics from
And today, a new adventure
is about to begin.
Let's set out together
Overcome our hidden fears
Our first adventure.

Lyrics from
kimi ga ne, kureta shiroi konpasu
mienai go-ru sashite iru
tokidoki yuku michi ga miezu mawari tsudzukereru

Lyrics from
The white compass that you gave me (*1)
Points to an invisible goal
sometimes I can't see the path, and keep getting lost.

Lyrics from
mayoi no kiri mo, itsuka harete
konpasu ga go-ru wo sashiteru
futatabi kimi to aruki hajimeteru
sonna toki boku wa,

Lyrics from
One day the fog of hesitation will be cleared up,
then the compass will point towards the goal
and once again I'll start walking with you (*2)
and when that happens, I ...

Lyrics from
itsuka wa ne kono tabiji ga owaru koto nari
mata hitori
ima wa mada, demo itsuka wa
to, kangaerunda

Lyrics from
One day this adventure will end 
And we'll be one again (*3)
This hasn't happened yet, but one day
I think it will.

Lyrics from
kyou made no kimi to tabi de
chiisai kedo
shiawase no toutosaya morosaga
kono tabi no@kioku ni
hana wo sasagete
irodzuku, bokura no tabi

Lyrics from
Up until now, in this journey with you
even though it's small,
this amazing 
happiness' majesty and fragility
has colored the memories of this journey 
like a bouquet of flowers.
This journey of ours.

Lyrics from
kimi ni ai,
boku wa shiawase datta
tabi no owari
kyanbasu ni egaite
mimamotte iru kara

Lyrics from
When I met you
happiness came into my life.
The end of the journey
was drawn by the compass 
because I'm always
watching after you.

Lyrics from
kore kara
kibou no bouken ga
hajimarou to shite iru
kimi to ayumu, futatabi no michi
mienai fuan wa futari de keshisari
aratana hajimari no tabi

Lyrics from
From now on
our much expected adventure
is about to begin.
Walking with you, this path I've seen before.
Together we'll make these hidden fears disappear.
And this journey will have a new beginning. (*4)

Note 1: The first four paragraphs come from the translation available in the "making of the OST" included in the game's OST (PS2Game- Hajimari no Tabi Gakudan). I changed them a tiny bit, because they were missing some words.

Note 2: There are many lines being sung in the background, but there's no lyrics for them. I tried my best to recognize the English lyrics.
(Sung in the background)
*1 And today a new adventure comes,
it gets tainted (jp=somaru) ever more.
*2 And we will get through.
*3 You and I will be as one.
*4 You are so beautiful. You said that I'm beautiful. And I'll receive all that you have for me.

Transliterated by KudouUsagi

Translated by ilovebishonen

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