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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Also known as:

Shin Seiki Evangelion

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["Addition" CD] ["VOX" CD] [Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone OST] [Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance OST] [Evangelion: 3.0 You can (not) redo OST] [Rebuild of Evangelion]

Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Bay Side Love Story ~from Tokyo~ N/A -
Everything You've Ever Dreamed N/A -
Fly Me to the Moon MIDI audio available Flash video available N/A Ending Song
Genwaku no Umi kara English Translation From the Dazzling Sea On "Refrain" CD
Get It On! ~Doppelgänger ni Kuchidzuke wo English Translation Get It On! ~To Kiss a Doppelgänger From Saturn game
Kibou no Sora e English Translation To the Sky of Hope On "Refrain" CD
Kimi ga Kimi ni Umareta Wake English Translation You are Your Own ReasonFor Being Born You From Saturn game
Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore English Translation Heart! Return to Your Origin "Death & Rebirth"end theme
Komm, süsser Tod Flash video available Come, Sweet Death Ending Song for Movie Version (Second Impact)
Love Antique N/A -
Mugen Houyou English Translation Infinite Embrace On OST 3 & Refrain
One Little Wish c/w Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze 2009
Shiawase wa Tsumi no Nioi English Translation Happiness is the Smell of Sin On OST 3 & Refrain
Tamashii no RUFURAN MIDI audio available English Translation Flash video available Soul's Refrain From Death & Rebirth
Thanatos ~If I Can't Be Yours~ N/A -
Tsuki no Meikyuu Moon Labyrinth -
Yokan English Translation Premonition On OST 2 & Refrain
Zankoku na Tenshi no TE-ZE MIDI audio available English Translation Flash video available Cruel Angel's Thesis TV op. theme

"Addition" CD
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Chorus: Hallelujah N/A -
4th Mov: Presto (Symphony no. 9) N/A -
Tentou Mushi no SAMBA Samba of the Ignored Heaven -
10  Gekijouban Yokoku ~ Misato English Translation Movie Trailer ~ Misato -
11  Gekijouban Yokoku ~ Rei English Translation Movie Trailer ~ Rei -
12  Gekijouban Yokoku ~ Asuka English Translation Movie Trailer ~ Asuka -

#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Evantroduction N/A -
The Image of Me - Vocalise N/A -
From my Dreams N/A -
Can't get you Outta my Head N/A -
X-plicit N/A -
Prelude to Battle N/A -
Battling N/A -
11  I'll Be Always on Your Mind N/A -
12  Armageddon N/A -
14  Angel Attack N/A -
15  Utopia N/A -
16  Promised Land (Reprise) N/A -
17  Promised Land (Loren & Mash studio Live) N/A -
18  Star N/A -
19  The Image of Me playback N/A -
20  Outro - never shall we return from conflict we must learn N/A -

Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone OST
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
36  You are the Only One Shinji's SDAT Track #25
38  FALL in STAR Insert Song

Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance OST
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
At The Very Beginning
14  Destiny
15  Fate
26  Kyou no hi wa sayounara English Translation Farewell for Today
27  In My Spirit
28  Keep Your Head Above The Mayhem
29  The Final Decision We All Must Take Flash video available
31  Carnage
33  Tsubasa wo Kudasai English Translation Please Give Me Wings Insert song
35  Furimukanaide English Translation Don't Turn Around Insert song
36  Koi no Kisetsu English Translation Season of Love Insert Song

Evangelion: 3.0 You can (not) redo OST
#Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Gods Message
The Anthem
19  Kindred Spirits 3EM30a
34  Famously...

Rebuild of Evangelion
Original TitleEnglish TitleDescription
Angel of Doom
Beautiful World English Translation Flash video available Rebuild of Evangelion Theme Song
Sakura Nagashi English Translation Cherry Blossoms for the Departed Rebuild 3.0 ending

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