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Hen Desu Kowai Desu
It's Strange, It's Scary

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Album / Collection: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya New Character Song Vol. 3
Track # 2

Description: Asahina Mikuru image song

Performed by: Gotou Yuuko
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Music composition: Ayahara Keiji
Music arrangement: Andou Takahiro

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
iie... watashi nante!
nanimo dekinai to omou... deshou?
wakatteru no yo
haaa kyou mo jitabata

Lyrics from
No...there isn't!
There's nothing I can do, I think...right?
I know it
Haa... Today's another struggle

Lyrics from
ikkai kiita koto mo
wasureteshimau no okashii... deshou?
tsuzuku jikan tte abunai wa

Lyrics from
To hear something once
And then complete forget it is strange... right?
It's dangerous for the continuity of time

Lyrics from
ochitsuite ochitsuite
minna o mitsumetara wari to tanoshisou

Lyrics from
Calm down, calm down
When I watch everyone else it seems rather fun

Lyrics from
asa to hiru no junban kaete mo
yagate yoru to goaisatsu
tokei sagasu sakuban watashi wa
maru de onaji yume o aruita?
honto nara kowai desu...

Lyrics from
Even if the order of morning and noon changes
Before you know it, you greet the night
Searching for a clock, didn't I, last night
Walk through the exact same dream?
If that's true, it's scary...

Lyrics from
yatto... owarimashita!
fushigi to kaiwa ga tsuuji...temasu?
hanashiai demo
uuu atama kurakura

Lyrics from
Finally... it's over!
That strange conversation, I under...stood?
Even if you discuss it with me
Ooooh, it makes my head feel dizzy

Lyrics from
iitai kibou yori mo
sonoba no kuuki ni osare...temasu?
ki ni shinai no tte youshikibi

Lyrics from
More than the words I want to say
Is the atmosphere of that place holding me down?
The aesthetics are nothing to worry about

Lyrics from
makikomare makikomare
kore kara dou shimashou doumo narimasen

Lyrics from
Get wrapped up in it, get wrapped up in it
What should I do now? No matter, nothing will come of it~

Lyrics from
natsu mo fuyu mo aisu wa oishii
yottsu no kisetsu gomen nasai
neji ga hazureotoshita jikan o
naosu watashi ga iru? inai wa?
nantonaku kanjitemasu...

Lyrics from
In summer and winter, ice cream is delicious
I apologize to the four seasons
I, who repaired time after it was unscrewed and dropped
Am here? Or not?
One way or another, I feel it...

Lyrics from
awatenai awatenai
minna o mitsumemashou itsumo tanoshisou

Lyrics from
I'm confused, I'm confused
When I watch everyone else it seems rather fun

Lyrics from
asa to hiru no junban kaetara
yagate yoru ga okoridasu
ano ne ano ne sakuban watashi wa
maru de onaji yume de mezameta?
honto desu kowai desu...

Lyrics from
Even if the order of morning and noon changes
Before you know it, you unleash your anger at night
You know, you know, didn't I, last night
Wake up from the exact same dream?
It's true, it's scary...

Lyrics from
honto desu kowai desu...

Lyrics from
It's true, it's scary...

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