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Album / Collection: Hikaru mirai e
Track # 1

Description: Hikaru Song

vocal : Tomoko Kawakami (Shindo Hikaru)

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
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Kisetsu wo hakobu kaze ga fuku
Mou sugu atarashii nanika to
Meguri aeru ki ga shita

Lyrics from
A transporting wind
Blows against the tranquil season,
I had a feeling that I'd have
A chance meeting with something new

Lyrics from
Doko made mo
Hirogaru sora wo miagetara
Mada takutabi ni chigau
Katachi wo tsukuru   Shiroi kumo

Lyrics from
I look up 
At the endless, spreading sky,
At the white clouds, their travels
Making ever-changing patterns*

Lyrics from
Yume wo kanaetai no ka nan te
Umaku ienai kotaemo
Itsuka nanimokamo
Mieru toki ga kuruto shinjiteru
Daremo sore wo motomeru

Lyrics from
Why do you want to make your dreams come true?
Even if I can't give you a good answer to that,
I believe that someday
The time will come when I'll be able to see it.
Everyone's searching for that.

Lyrics from
Ima   Aoi sora no shita   Hikaru kaze no naka
Sotto me wo tojitemiru
Omoide no kakera   Hitotsu hitotsu ga
Tashikana tsugi he to   Michibiite
Koko kara mata   Arukidaseru

Lyrics from
Right now, under the blue sky, amid the shimmering wind,
I softly try to close my eyes
Every one of the fragments of my memories
Guide me surely to where I should go next.**
So from here on, I'll be able to walk again

Lyrics from
Toki wa nagarete ikukeredo
Kokoro ni nokoseru mono
Taisetsuna mono   Mitsuketai

Lyrics from
Time flows on
Incessantly, but
I want to find the things left behind in my heart,
The important things.

Lyrics from
Yume to akogareno chigau wo
Shirazu muchuu de hashitta
Itsuka kono ude ga
Todoku toki ga kuru to shinjiteta
Ima mo kataku shinjiteru

Lyrics from
I ran desperately, not knowing 
The difference between dreams and desire.
But I believed that someday
The time would come when my arm will be able to reach.
And even now, I still believe firmly in it

Lyrics from
Sou   Aoi sora no shita   Hikaru kaze no naka
Kitto mioroshiteiru
Kinou wo wasurezu   Asu ni obiezu
Oshierareta koto   Mune ni daki
Sora wo mezashi   Aruki dasou

Lyrics from
Looking down on that blue sky, amidst the shimmering wind,***
You are surely watching over me.
Without forgetting yesterday, without fearing tomorrow,
Holding close in my heart the things I was taught (by you),
Aiming for the sky - I begin to walk

Lyrics from
Aoi sora no shita   Hikaru kaze no naka
Sotto me wo tojitemiru
Omoide no kakera   Hitotsu hitotsu ga
Tashikana tsugi he to   Michibiite
Koko kara mata   Arukidaseru

Lyrics from
Under the blue sky, amidst the shimmering wind,
I softly try to close my eyes
Every one of the fragments of my memories
Guide me surely to where I should go next.**
So from here on, I'll be able to walk again

*Completely un-literal, but it's so incomprehensible in English that I tried to just convey the idea of the line - while Hikaru looks at the sky, the white clouds are forming different shapes on their flighty/flickering travels. It's kind of wild. ^^;

**This is another line that doesn't translate too prettily into English. Literally, the line says Hikaru's memories are guiding him to the "correct, sure next" - but this next is like, the near future, or, as my friend Dina put it, "the next step." That sounds much better and also captures the immediacy of "tsugi," so I've used it in the translation (so please don't yell at me because there's no "ippo" in there ^^; ).

***Oh, this is a hard two lines to translate; even though it's very close as to not wreck the form of the previous chorus first line, the next line and the "sou" totally change the meaning and the sentence pattern in English. Before, it was "under the blue sky, etc., (here's me, Hikaru), closing my eyes." But since Japanese doesn't require the use of subject nouns, this line, though looking very similar-looking to the one above, is actually talking about Sai. So now, it's changed to "(Looking down at) what's beneath that blue sky (that Hikaru's under), etc., (you, Sai) are watching over (obviously, "me," Hikaru)." But they don't have to put all those unwieldy changes in - wah! Japanese really is all about the nuances, people... fuu...

Transliterated by kaoru <[email protected]>

Translated by DarkCyradis

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