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Watashi no Bara o Haminasai
Consume My Rose

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Description: Opening Theme

Lyrics by Takarano Arika
Composed and Arranged by Katakura Mikiya
Performed by ALI PROJECT

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Ibara no kuki o nobashite tawamete
Watashi ni koboshite
Shizuku no hitohira

Lyrics from
Extend  and twist  this thorny stem
Drop onto me
One single droplet

Lyrics from
Shuuen o shitte nao
Saki isogu tsubomi no you ni
Namami no shinzou wa
Hitsugi o haideru

Lyrics from
Despite knowing of its demise
This organic heart
Crawls out of its coffin
Like a rosebud blooming in haste

Lyrics from
Shoujo to iu akashi
Beni shusu no hone ga naku
Ubai ni otonae
Dazai no yubi yo

Lyrics from
As proof of my maidenship
These bones of crimson satin  are echoing
Come! Appear yourself to steal me away
O sinful fingers

Lyrics from
Yami wa tsuki
Toge wa mitsu
Ayasu mono
Tsuzusareta me wa sanagi
Uka suru yume o mite

Lyrics from
The moon is the dark
The thorns  let drip
Sweet nectar
My stitched eyes  wrapped in a cocoon
Dream of spreading their wings

Lyrics from
Hikari no gaku o mekutte sagutte
Yasashiku tsutsunde
Shunkan no toki o

Lyrics from
Clasp  and wrap in  these shining calyces
Blanket me with
A very short season

Lyrics from
Rasen no saki e nobotte tagutte
Hajimete fureatta
Basho ga hirakareru
Toiki no atsusa de

Lyrics from
Climb  and pull in  towards the stalk's end
The place where we first touched
Will open wide
And with your hot breath

Lyrics from
Watashi no bara o
Saa haminasai

Lyrics from
Come on
Consume my rose

Lyrics from
Tagaenu yakusoku wa
Amayaka na chi o wakeru
Fushoku ni shizumeru
Miwaku no shita de

Lyrics from
Through the undoubted oath
You offer your sweet blood
With your captivating tongue
That suppresses the rot

Lyrics from
Hane o nugu
Hifu o hagu
Majiwari ni imi wa nai
Hoshii naraba oku e

Lyrics from
I cast off my plumes
I peel off my skin
For a union without pain is
If you desire it, you must seek deeper!

Lyrics from
Ibara no eda o karamete hodoite
Watashi o chirashite
Shizuku ni hitohira

Lyrics from
Entwine  then untangle  among these briar strands
Shower at me
One single droplet

Lyrics from
Kokoro no fuchi o egutte mogutte
Daiji ni dakishimete
Todomaru koto nado
Dekinai to shitemo

Lyrics from
Extract  and dive into  the ends of this heart
Embrace me  with care
Even when I know
That I will never arise again

Lyrics from
Anata no bara de
Aa nemurasete

Lyrics from
Ah, let me slumber
On your rose

Lyrics from
Ikiteru koto o
Shitta bakari demo

Lyrics from
Even when you had only realised
That I am alive

Lyrics from
Hikari no maku ni oborete kurande
Watashi wa umoreru
Sakari no shigemi ni

Lyrics from
Delve  and sink into  this membrane of light
Go to the deepest thickets
Where I am buried

Lyrics from
Rasen no saki e nobotte tagutte
Saigo ni fureatta
Basho ga tokete yuku
Namida no omosa de

Lyrics from
Climb  and pull in  towards the stalk's end
The place where we last touched
Will melt down
And with your heavy tears

Lyrics from
Watashi no bara o
Saa haminasai

Lyrics from
Come on
Consume my rose

Transliterated by Rei

Translated by AzureDark

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