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Holy Valentine

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Album / Collection: fate of ...
Track # 3

lyrics: Parupiru
music: Kid-P
arrangement: Kid-P & Crystal-P
Kagamine Rin solo:
Kagamine Len solo:
Album version: Twin duet mix feat. Kagamine Rin and Len
Rin and Len's versions were jointly released on Niconico on Valentine's Day 2009. The duet version was released on the "fate of ..." album in 2010.

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Amai himitsu no mahō tonaeru no
kono kimochi anata ni todoku yō ni
Shitte'ru? Konna ni fuan na n da yo
Da kedo tsutaetai ... Nande darō ne

Lyrics from
I'll recite a sweet, secret magic spell
that will make my feelings known to you.
Do you know them? I'm so anxious.
But I want to tell you ... I wonder why?

Lyrics from
Kaze to wa chigau mune no dokidoki ni
tomadou keredo yūki dasu kara ne
anata mo chanto ... kotaete yo!

Lyrics from
About the beating in my chest, it's not like having a cold.
I really don't get it but I'll gather the courage I need.
So hey you too ... answer me properly!

Lyrics from
Dokidoki no Valentine
Choko to issho ni kimochi o tokashite
Hajimete no Valentine's Day
Oishiku tsukureru to ii na

Lyrics from
A heart-throbbing Valentine.
Melt my feelings along with the chocolates.
My first Valentine's Day.
I hope I can make nice ones.

Lyrics from
(Rin) Onna no ko no Valentine Day
(Len) Boku dake no Valentine Day
Amaku fuwatto hirogaru omoi
Sei naru hi Valentine's Day
Sunao ni wataseru to ii na

Lyrics from
(Rin) A girl's Valentine Day (1)
(Len) A Valentine Day just for me
A sweet, floating feeling spreading through me.
A sacred day, Valentine's Day.
I hope I can hand them to you honestly.

Lyrics from
Itsumo to onaji kaerimichi na no ni
dokoka sowasowa suru no wa, ki no sei!
... nanka ja nai ne wakatte'ru
Da kedo jōzu na tsutaekata ... wakaranai yo

Lyrics from
Although we're going home together like always
it's my imagination that you act nervously somehow! 
... actually I know it's not.
But a good way to tell you? ... I have no idea.

Lyrics from
Kaban no naka daiji ni shimatte'ru
Tsukue no naka mo kangaeta kedo, sa
De mo ne chokusetsu ... tsutaetai!

Lyrics from
I'm keeping them safely in my bag.
Though I thought of putting them in your desk.
But, you know, I want to tell you ... face to face!

Lyrics from
Dokidoki no Valentine
Shinkokyū shite shisei o tadashite
Hajimete no Valentine's Day
Jōzu ni tsutaerareru ka na

Lyrics from
A heart-throbbing Valentine.
I take a deep breath and straighten up.
My first Valentine's Day
I wonder if I can do a good job at telling you?

Lyrics from
(Rin) Onna no ko no Valentine
(Len) Boku dake no Valentine
"Amai no dame" ... nante iwanai de ne
Sei naru hi Valentine's Day
Chiisaku namae yonde miru

Lyrics from
(Rin) A girl's Valentine.
(Len) A Valentine just for me.
"Can't have sweets" ... don't tell me something like that.
A sacred day, Valentine's Day.
I'll try and softly call your name.

Lyrics from
Anata no kao massugu mirenai yo
Bukiyō da kedo yūki dasu kara ne
Anata mo chanto ... uketomete!

Lyrics from
I can't look at you in the eye.
I'm awkward but I gather the courage.
So hey you too ... accept it properly!

Lyrics from
Hajimete no Valentine's Day
Fuwari shiroi yuki ga maiorita
Sei naru hi Valentine's Day
(Rin) "Watashi, kimi no koto ga suki ........."
(Len) "Ano sa, kimi no koto ga suki ........."

Lyrics from
My first Valentine's Day.
White snow is floating its way down.
A sacred day, Valentine's Day.
(Rin) "I, um, like you ........."
(Len) "Hey um, I like you ........."

Lyrics from
Dokidoki no Valentine
(Rin) Watashi tsutsumu anata no nukumori
(Len) Boku o tsutsumu anata no nukumori
Mahō no hi Valentine's Day
Kon'ya wa amaesasete yo, ne?

Lyrics from
A heart-throbbing Valentine.
(Rin) I'm wrapped in your warmth.
(Len) I'm wrapped in your warmth.
A magic day, Valentine's Day.
Spoil me tonight, eh? 

(1) Rin and Len sing different lines in their versions as labelled.

Translated and transliterated by Raichu

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