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HETA Renka
Timid Len's Love Song

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Album / Collection: Ren-Ai Itashimasen ka!
Track # 1

Sung by: Len Kagamine
Lyrics by: DARARI
Composition and arrangement by: Lelele P

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

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Ki no yowai  BOKU desu ga
Utau koto wa  daisuki na no desu
Mada mada  mijuku desu ga
Douka  kiite hoshii no desu

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Although I am timid,
I love singing very much.
Although I am still immature,
please, listen to me.

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Keredo...  yappari  kinchou shimasu
Aaa...  PURESSHAA...  aa mata...  daishippai...

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But... I am nervous after all.
Ah... Pressure... Ah again... Epic fail...

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Re-re-re rentai sekinin desu kaa?
BOKU no sei de SUMIMASEN...  doushiyou
Re-re-re renshuu tarinai desu kaa?
BOKU motto ganbarimasu...  doushiyou...  SUMIMASEN!

Lyrics from
Re-re-re is this joint responsibility?
It's my fault, sorry... What to do?
Re-re-re is my practice not sufficient?
I'll try even harder... What to do? Sorry!

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

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Koi ni utoi  BOKU desu ga
Kyoumi ga nai  wake ja nai no desu
Mada mada  akogarete iru dake desu ga
Doumo  ki ni naru ko ga iru no desu

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Although I seem indifferent about love,
it doesn't mean I'm not interested.
Although I'm only at the stage of admiring,
there is someone that's on my mind.

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Keredo...  yappari  DOKIDOKI shimasu
Futarikiri de...  konna ni...  mukai attara...

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But... I am nervous after all.
Being alone with someone... if we suddenly face each other...

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Re-re-re renka soudan desu kaa?
BOKU de ii no deshou ka...  doushiyou
Re-re-re renka wa jiyuu desu gaa!
Sore wa chotto...  dou na no ka...  doushiyou...  SUMIMASEN!

Lyrics from
Re-re-re advice on love?
Am I okay with you? What to do?
Re-re-re love is everyone's freedom,
but still... You know... What to do? Sorry!

Lyrics from
Keredo...  yappari  daisuki dakara
Yuuki daseba...  kanarazu...  ieru hazu...

Lyrics from
But... I like you after all.
If I gather up my courage... for sure... I can say it...

Lyrics from
Re-re-re renkyuu HIMA na no desu gaa!
BOKU to...  etto...  eiga demo...  dou deshou
Re-re-re renraku matte masu karaa!
Tsumari...  etto...  nan to iu ka...  doushiyou
Re-re-re renka taishou desu kaa?
BOKU wa KIMI ga...  daisuki de...  doushiyou
Re-re-re renka itashimasen ka!!

Lyrics from
Re-re-re since we are on a long break!
With me... Um... Movie... How is it?
Re-re-re I'll be waiting for your call!
So... Um... You know... What to do?
Re-re-re do you like me?
I... Really like you... What to do?
Re-re-re would you go out?!

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BOKU to............  dou deshou...?  SUMIMASEN!

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With me... What to do...? Sorry!

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

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(Re-re-re ren-ren ri-ri-ra-rin ra-ri-ran)

I couldn't think of a proper translation to this song title, but HETA refers to an extreme clumsiness or no idea when it comes to love. I just put it as "Clueless Love Song"
[Admin Note: "Hetare" is a character trait that means "shy and indecisive jerk", this tag often fixed to the male character in a harem series or a dating sim.]

* I think for this song "hetare" can be best translated as "timid," since it preserves both the meaning of "shy" and the sense of "being a chicken."

Transliterated by Hikarin

Translated by animeyay

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