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HETAREnai de yo!
Don't mess up!

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Album / Collection: Kagamine Len

Written, composed and arranged by BananaP
Performed by Kagamine Len

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Lyrics from
Nee  itsu made boku wo
KODOMO atsukai suru ki na no?
Mou juuyon sai da mon
Kokoro mo karada mo OTONA da yo

Lyrics from
Say  how much longer
Do you plan to treat me like a kid?
I'm already 14
Both my heart and my body are mature

Lyrics from
DEETO to ieba eiga to kissaten
Sonnan ja  tarinai yo
Motto "OTONA-teki" na koto  shitai no

Lyrics from
You always take me to the movies and coffee shops on dates
But  that's not enough for me
I want  to do more "adult" things!

Lyrics from
HETAREnai de yo! Onii-chan
AISU to boku  docchi ga hoshii!?
Kakugo wo kimete yo
Kon'ya dake wa nigasanai!

Lyrics from
Don't mess up! Brother
Which one do you want  ice-cream or me?!
Prepare yourself
I won't let you run away tonight!

Lyrics from
Nee mou sugu kyou ga
Owari ni nacchau'n da kedo
"Yuka de neru kara" nante
BEDDO ni wa boku  hitori dake

Lyrics from
You know, today
Is almost coming to an end
"I'm going to sleep on the floor," said you
Leaving me alone  on the bed

Lyrics from
Yoru wa kore kara  akiramecha DAME da
Sukoshi zutsu  atsuku naru
Mou GAMAN dekinai yo

Lyrics from
The night is still young  I can't give up just yet
It's slowly  getting hotter
I can't hold back anymore

Lyrics from
HETAREnai de yo! Onii-chan
Boku wo motto  sawatte ite
Futari de issho ni hajimete no yume no kuni e

Lyrics from
Don't mess up! Brother
Touch me  more
Let's go together to that dream world for the first time

Lyrics from
Komiagete kuru  setsunai KANJI ga
Tamaranaku nacchau no
Motto tsuyoku daite yo

Lyrics from
This painful feeling  welling up within me
Is so unbearable
Hold me more tightly

Lyrics from
Hetarenai de yo! Onii-chan
Dakedo sonna  tokoro mo suki
Itsumo to chigatta  hisshi na KAO mo suteki

Lyrics from
Don't mess up! Brother
But  I love that part about you, too
And your desperate expression, unlike your usual self  looks wonderful, too

Lyrics from
** ni dashite yo  onii-chan
"Ninshin" nante shinpai nai
Kore kara mo zutto
Kimochi ii koto  shite yo ne!

Lyrics from
Shoot it out in ***  brother
You don't have to worry about me getting "pregnant"
So let's continue
To do lots of things  that make us feel good!

Translated and transliterated by Hinamawari

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