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Supai ga Oppai
Where the Spy's Boobs Are

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Album / Collection: MEIKO

Written, Composed and Arranged by NamoNakiP (B.D.A)
Illustrations by Trampoline
Performed by MEIKO

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Lyrics from
   [Shigoto da, CV03 no mitsubai soshiki no jouhou o tsukanda
    Ima soshiki no shinnyuu keiro o MEERU de okutta
    Soshiki no senmetsu oyobi, mitsubai RUUTO o tatake]

Lyrics from
"I've got a job for you -- my sources say there's a smuggling ring selling illicit copies of CV03.
I've sent you an e-mail with instructions on penetrating their hideout.
Take out the ring and try to strike their smuggling route, too."

Lyrics from
ATASHI wa NESU neko no SUPAI  mayonaka ni tokekomu EEJENTO
shisen o HIRARI to kawashite seijaku ni karada o odoraseteku
atashi wa MISUTERII

Lyrics from
I'm a she-cat spy, an agent who melts into the midnight
I lock eyes with you for one brief moment and leap away into the silence
I am a mystery

Lyrics from
kishimu WAIYAA o tsutatte CHIIPU na wana o sururi nuke
o-asobi wa mou, owari yo  ayashiku nureta kuchibiru, akaku
gokan o wisery

Lyrics from
I shimmy along a creaking wire, dodging cheap traps
The game's already over; my lips are charmingly wet and crimson 
I use my five senses wisely

Lyrics from
wana ni hamaru

Lyrics from
I got caught in a trap

Lyrics from
torawarete sarasareteku, kono hada
moteasobarete, atsuku naru
yoru ga akeru sono mae ni subete owarase
yami ni...  kieru

Lyrics from
My body's captured and exposed
You play with me and I grow hot
But before day breaks, I end it all
And disappear into the darkness

Lyrics from
   [Shikujitta da to?]

Lyrics from
"What do you mean, you screwed it up?"

Lyrics from
gurasugoshi ni nagameru machi wa kirameku JERII BIINZU
oshaberi na SUTORIPPAA wa, nande mo kande mo yoku utau

Lyrics from
Through the window glass, the lights of the city look like jellybeans
These chatty strippers will spill anything
It's a cheap mission

Lyrics from
wana ni ochiru

Lyrics from
I fell into a trap

Lyrics from
torawarete karada, suberu sono te ga
DAME yo soko wa, SHIIKURETTO yo
toiki majiri no kuchizuke o shite hirumase
yami ni...  kieru

Lyrics from
My body's captured in your sweaty hands
Stop it, that place is a secret!
Our sighs mingle as we kiss, but I shy away
And disappear into the darkness

Lyrics from
CHEKKUMEITO yo atashi no kachi ne ♪
demo, dame...hikigane o hikenai
yoru ga akeru sono mae ni futari de nigemashou
sono te  totte

Lyrics from
"Ugh! Dammit..."
Checkmate, I'm the winner
But it's no good, I can't pull the trigger
Before day breaks, let's run away together
Take my hand

Lyrics from
   [Nande? Nande, atashi nanka o...]

Lyrics from
"Why? Why me..."

Lyrics from
   [Ore, namekuji nani ga nande mo, PANTI GETTO surun...n?
    Yu...yuki ka?... Shi...shio ka!!!!]

Lyrics from
"Well, whatever else happened, at least I got these panties... hmm?
I... is this snow? It's... it's salty!!!!"

The title of the song is a pun on "Spy ga Ippai", the Japanese title of the British film "Where the Spies Are".

Transliterated by Rei

Translated by bluepenguin

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