Ashita wo Yume Mite
Dreaming of Tomorrow

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Description: 17th Ending Song

Performed by ZARD

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Yume no you ni   Erabinagara
Kono mainichi wo ikiteiketanara
Moshimo ano toki chigau ketsudan wo shiteitara
Imagoro futari shiawase ni waratteirareta no ka na

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While choosing, it seemed like a dream
If we could continue to live everyday
If we'd[1] made a different decision then
I wonder if we'd be able to laugh happily now?

Lyrics from
Hontou wa dare ni mo   Kokoro hirakenai
Shuumatsu no nigiwau machi
Wake mo naku namida ga deta
I need you

Lyrics from
The truth is, I can't open my heart to anyone else
In the weekend-busy city center
I started crying for no reason
I need you

Lyrics from
Ashita wo yume mite   Tsuyogatte wa
Yume no iriguchi ni yatto sekkaku tatta no ni
Dare ni mo ienai koto ga attemo
Mina sorezore dakedo
Otagai wo omoiyarinagara   Ikiteiru

Lyrics from
Dreaming of tomorrow
At the entrance to my dreams, at last I can finally drop my mask, but[2]
If I still have things I can't say to anyone
So does everyone else, however
We'll be thinking of each other; we'll be living

Lyrics from
Kimi no denwa no koe wo kiku to
Nakitakunaru   Tsuyoi watashi demo
Kizutsukeatte   Sore demo   Mata aitakute
Itsu datte PIRIODO to senaka awase

Lyrics from
I hear your voice on the phone, and
It makes me want to cry, even though I am strong
It hurts, but even so, I still want to see you
When did you say we'd be together again?[3]

Lyrics from
Kimi wa henji ni komatteita ne
Kakusenai   Sono kao wo omoidasu tabi ni...
I miss you

Lyrics from
You couldn't answer, could you?
I can't hide it, everytime I remember that face[4]
I miss you

Lyrics from
Ashita wo yume mite   Kimi no koto
Shinjiteitai yo   Yorimichi mo shita kedo
Ashita wo yume mite   Kimi no koto
Mitsumeteitai yo
Mada wasuka ni   Komorebi ga yureru kara

Lyrics from
Dreaming of tomorrow  I want to believe you
That you've just stopped somewhere along the way
Dreaming of tomorrow  I want to be staring at you
Because all I see is 
The sunlight streaming through the trees

Lyrics from
Futari no sameta kokai tokashitai
Shinjiteitai yo   Kono omoi
Tokidoki setsunakute oshitsubusaresou ni naru kedo
Ashita wo yume mite   Kimi no koto
Mitsumeteitai yo
Mada wasuka ni   
Komorebe ga yureru kara

Lyrics from
I want to undo our old misunderstandings[5]
I want to believe you
That you've just stopped somewhere along the way
Dreaming of tomorrow
Sometimes these feelings are so earnest, it seems like they're going to crush me
Dreaming of tomorrow
I want to be staring at you
Because all I see is the sunlight streaming through the trees

[1]Though it is sung as futari, meaning "two people," the kanji is for watashi-tachi, meaning "we/us." I'm pretty sure this was done for syllable count reasons. The three syllable futari is much shorter than the five syllable watashi-tachi. [Admin Note: This is, rather, the use of figuratives.]

[2]This line gave me hell. The direct translation of tsuyogatte is "bold face/bluff," and tatsu (past tense, tatta) is "stand." So something along the lines of "at last my bold face/bluff finally stood at the entrance to my dreams" would be more literal. I took it to mean that Ran (who's perspective the song is sung from) could finally be free of having to act happy even though she misses Shin'ichi terribly.

[3]Here, senaka awase literally means "back-to-back." I translated it more loosly as "together."

[4]Again, while the singer says kao, meaning "face," the kanji is for hyoujou, meaning "facial expression." This was done for the same reason as in note [1].

[5]In this line, semata kokai literally means "cooled misunderstandings." I took this to mean old in the same way that a "hot topic" in English means one that is current and still talked about.

This is my first attempt at translating a song. Any comments/questions can be directed to my e-mail inbox.

Transliterated and translated by Neko <[email protected]>

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