Rettsu! Ohime-sama Dakko

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Description: Opening

Sung by: Kitamura Eri (Rin), Shindou Kei (Kuro), Kadowaki Mai (Mimi)

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Kuyashii no nani mo ka mo
Zurui koto shiteru no ha otona
[Yakusoku mamorinasai!]
Dono kuchi ga itteru no? akkanbee
Otehon misero

Lyrics from
I don't think there's anything more vexing
Than adults that do dishonest things
"Keep your promises!"
Whose mouth is saying that? Nyeh!*
Show me the pattern

Lyrics from
Kanchigai no doujou
Yada yada iranai
Kimi no tameda nante iu kedo usokusai
Honne nara kiku kedo ato ha doushiyo
Yattemiru? sore ha watashi ga kimeru!

Lyrics from
There's no way I want any sympathy 
From misunderstanding
You say things like "It's for you," but that's a stinkin' lie!
If there's a reason, I'll listen, but what after that?
Wanna try? That's for me to decide!

Lyrics from
Amayakasu to tsukeagaru toka
Atama katai ne wakattenai
Taisetsu ni sareru to motto
Onna no ko ha sunao ni naru no
Kawaiku omowaretakunaru no

Lyrics from
Your thick head doesn't understand
Things like pampering and spoiling me
But, more important that those things
Is for a girl to become honest
And to feel like she wants to change

Lyrics from
Samishii no kamatte yo
Kizukanai nibui no ne hidooi
[Fuzakeru no yamenasai!]
Daisuki ha itazura to kuttsuite
Detekuru no da

Lyrics from
It's painful for me to worry about you so!
But you're too thickheaded to realize it, no fair!
"Stop messing around!"
I can't help but love to play jokes
It just comes out

Lyrics from
Misekake dake yuujou
Aruaru betsu ni
Kyoumi nakutemo nakayoshigokku tashinami yo
Honto no tomodachi ha jizen ni kimaru
Dou nano yo? jibun wo tana ni agete

Lyrics from
Friendships that are just a pretense
It happens, no biggy
Even if it's uninteresting, friends should have the same tastes
True friends just come naturally
But how? You have to put yourself out on a shelf

Lyrics from
Dare ni demo yasashiku shiyou
Kotobadoori ni shinakucha ne
Sore ja mazu watashi no tame ni
Ohimesama dakko shitemite yo
Hora hayaku dakko shite gyutto gyutto
Ureshiimon yo

Lyrics from
Everyone should be kind
And have to do exactly what they say they will!
And then, the first thing I'd want for me
Would be to try being held like a bride**
So c'mon, hold me now, tightly, tightly
It'd make me happy

Lyrics from
Ohimesama dakko shitemite
Yasashiku shite yo watashi dake
Taisetsu ni sareru to motto
Onna no ko ha sunao ni naru no
Kawaiku omowaretaku naru no naru no
Soo yuu mon yo

Lyrics from
Try holding me like a bride**
And be kind to only me
But, more important that those things
Is for a girl to become honest
And to feel like she wants to change, to change
Just like that

*"Akanbe" is the act of one pulling down their eyelid and sticking their tongue out. The word is often said as an expression during this act, hence the translation, "Nyeh!".

**The literal translation here (And in the title, for that matter) is "Held as a princess" rather than "bride". However, "Held like a bride" invokes the proper imagery in English. It's the same way a groom would (stereotypically) carry his bride at the end of the wedding.

Transliterated by Kikyosama

Translated by Rizuchan

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