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Description: Ending Theme

Artist: nano.RIPE
Lyrics: Kimiko
Composition: Jun Sasaki
Arrangement: nano.RIPE, Masayuki Fukutomi

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Lyrics from
seki o kitta nodo kara te ga deru hodo hoshiku nattanda  boku janai betsu no dareka
yume to kibou  hoka ni nani ga iru to omoeta koro no boku wa ima izuko e

Lyrics from
Someone that's not 'me' has started wanting it-- so incredibly desperately [1]
Dreams and hope-- what else do you need? Where is the 'me' who believed that now?

Lyrics from
nagai mono ni makarete ushinatta michishirube
sei to shi no hazama ni wa SUNOODOROPPU ga sakimidareru
nanika no machigai de kudake chitte shimatta nara
semete boku no nukegara ni hanataba o soete

Lyrics from
I'd switched my bets over to the winning team, losing sight of of the signpost
In the rift between life and death, snowdrops bloom profusely
If I've been beaten and have fallen from some mistake or another,
Then at least put a bouquet of them by my corpse

Lyrics from
konna mon kana?  konna mon deshou?  akirame da to omowaretatte kamawanai kedo
boku rashikunai  boku rashikunai  dare ni datte tsukureru mon ni kachi wa nai

Lyrics from
"A little something like this? That's good enough, right?"-- I don't mind if you think that I've given up
If it's not like 'me', if it's not like 'me'-- there's no value in anything made by anyone

Lyrics from
ato ni natta kizuguchi o nazori nagara  yobisamasunda  boku no fukaku nemuru nanika
sonna mon ga areba tokku no tou ni KAMEREON mitai ni kono sekai ni somatteru

Lyrics from
While tracing my wounds that have turned to scars, I awaken something sleeping deep within me--
If I had something like that, I'd have long been dyed the colours of this world, like a chameleon

Lyrics from
shinda you ni ikiteiru?  ikita you ni shindeiru?
sei to shi no hazama ni aru SUNOODOROPPU wa sou kirei da
nanika no techigai de kiyou ni natte shimatta nara
dareka boku no komekami o omoikiri uchinuite

Lyrics from
Am I living like I'm dead? Am I dead yet still seemingly alive?
The snowdrops in the rift between life and death are pretty in this way
If by some screw-up, I've somehow become skilful,
Then someone please put a bullet right through my temples

Lyrics from
mou ii darou?  mou ii deshou?  garasugoshi no dekigoto ni kyoumi nanka nai
tadashikute mo machigai demo boku wa boku kara hanarerarenai

Lyrics from
That's enough, right? That's gotta be enough now, right? I have no interest in what's going on behind this glass pane
Whether it's right or wrong, I can't be separated from 'me'

Lyrics from
mou ii kara  mou ii kara  nagusame datte yuruseru nara raku ni nareru kedo
machigai janai  tadashiku mo nai  kotae ga wakaranai kara yurusenai

Lyrics from
That's enough, that's enough-- if I were allowed to be comforted, I'd be able to feel a lot better, but
It's not, because my answer's neither wrong or right, and I don't know what's the correct one

Lyrics from
akirameru kurai nara saisho kara yaranai yo
SUNOODOROPPU no naka de mou ichido masshiro ni somare

Lyrics from
I'd never have started if I were the type to give up in the middle
Get dyed pure white once again in the snowdrops!

Lyrics from
boku to boku yo

Lyrics from
...that goes for both me and 'me'!

This song appears to be talking about two different first persons (as seen in the final line), probably the me of the present, and the past 'me' that the me of the presents longs for; however, they are both written and spoken in the same way so this is merely speculation which one appears where.

[1] - Literally something like "Someone that isn't 'me' has started wanting it so badly that a hand could come right out of their throat, which can no longer suppress a scream", using two expressions "seki wo kitta you na" (literally: as if a weir has overflowed -- the meaning is more 'like a dam that's finally burst') and "nodo kara te ga deru hodo" (literally: so much that a hand could come out of one's throat -- the meaning is "wants something really desperately"). I have simplified this as the expressions don't really sound right in English.

Transliterated by tetrix1993

Translated by Fuukanou

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