Shura --Nikutai Seiza Alpha Psi Zeta Seiun--
Shura --Flesh Constellation in the Alpha Psi Zeta Nebula--

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Album / Collection: OST 7: Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- (Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!-)
Track # 11

Description: Juri Movie Duel Chorus

Vocals: Toukyou Konsei Gasshoudan, Engeki Jikkenshitsu "Ban'yuu Inryoku"
(Tokyo Mixed Chorus Troupe, Theatrical Laboratory "Universal Gravitation")
Lyrics, Music, Arrangement: J.A. Seazer

From 7th album "Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- UTINAM REVIVISCAT MEDIUM AEVUM!"
(Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!- IF ONLY WE COULD REVIVE THE MIDDLE AGES!)

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Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Lyrics from
Shura    ima, moen
Te no ashi no kodou ni
Shura    ima, atsuku
Owari shiranu, mama ni

Lyrics from
Shura: now, burn bright
In the throb of the fingertips [1]
Shura: now, burn hot [2]
Ignorant of your demise

Lyrics from
Kuraki "saraba"
Utsushimi nugi
Kouyami ni fuki
Kokuu no kagiri

Lyrics from
A dark "farewell"
Casting off the transient body
Blowing in the violent darkness
At the limits of empty space

Lyrics from
Shura    ima, chinmoku
Chidou    ten - jindou    mitsumetsutsu
Shura    ima, arishi
Ten no hate arishi nara

Lyrics from
Shura: now, silence
It fixes a stare at heliocentric heaven and humanity
Shura: now, before death
If at the ends of space it is before death

Lyrics from
Minikusa "saraba"
Chishio ni toke
Jouki no gotoku
Mata tsumetaku

Lyrics from
An obscure "farewell"
Melts into the blood
And just like vapor
Again it cools

Lyrics from
Shura ha hitori nari
Hitori to ha orishi kyomu

Lyrics from
Shura is in solitude
And solitude is just then nothingness

Lyrics from
Shura    hotaru no you ni aojiroku sukete
Imawa no kiwa ni tatsu

Lyrics from
Shura: like a firefly, pale and transparent
It stands at the verge of its dying hour

Lyrics from
Shura    ima, ikan
Arashi    shirokko    maku naka
Shura    ima, kirameku
Seiza    seiun    tategami ni

Lyrics from
Shura: now, without life
Storms, siroccos, coiling within [3]
Shura: now, glitter bright
In the mane of the constellation nebula [4]

Lyrics from
Osoreri "saraba"
Ochikochi ni
Kodama kamen
Ware wo kata tsukuru

Lyrics from
A fearful "farewell"
Near and far
A mask of natural spirits
Will shape my ghost into flesh

Lyrics from
Shura    ima, seijaku
Kouei    kenryoku    mina hoshi nari
Shura    ima, henshin-su
Raimei    inadzuma    daiankoku

Lyrics from
Shura: now, stillness
Glory, authority, everyone is a star
Shura: now, it metamorphoses
Thunder, flashes of lightning, the vast darkness

Lyrics from
Kanashiki "saraba"
Eien wo mo
Tsureai ni shite
Tera wo shinzou ni

Lyrics from
A tragic "farewell"
Will make eternity
Into its significant other
And Terra, into its heart

Lyrics from
Shura ha    hoshi nari
Hoshi to ha minamoto nari

Lyrics from
Shura is a star
And a star is a source of life

Lyrics from
Shura    maboroshi atete, ikuseiki wo tsutsumi
Chikara no koa - korona

Lyrics from
Shura: it exposes illusory stars, it conceals multiple eras
The terrifying energy core: corona

Lyrics from
Shura    Amanogawa
Shura    Andoromeda
Shura    Orion
Shura    Kashiopea
Shura    Kuryuugaa
Shura    Sefeusu
Shura    Shiriusu
Shura    Sonburero
Shura    Majeran

Lyrics from
Shura: Milky Way
Shura: Andromeda
Shura: Orion
Shura: Cassiopeia
Shura: Kruger [5]
Shura: Cepheus
Shura: Sirius
Shura: Sombrero
Shura: Magellan

Lyrics from
Shura    ima, Chandoorasekaaru no genkai
Shura    ima, Chandoorasekaaru no genkai
Shura    ima, Chandoorasekaaru no genkai

Lyrics from
Shura: now, the Chandrasekhar limit [6]
Shura: now, the Chandrasekhar limit
Shura: now, the Chandrasekhar limit

[0] "Shura" has a variety of different meanings: "fighting," "(scene of) carnage," "Asura" (in Hinduism, power-seeking, materialistic deities that opposed the Devas). The first two meanings derive from the Asura, but in context "carnage" seems most appropriate, so I decided to leave it as "Shura" to maintain that ambiguity.

[1] "The fingertips," here, is literally "the hand's foot" in Japanese. I decided to interpret this phrase as meaning the extremities of the hand.

[2] Shura has a ridiculous number of furigana in the kanji lyrics chart--that is to say, the kanji is represented by kana that may be a different word than what the kanji normally reads, which means layered meanings abound. Because there's so many, I won't bother pointing out all of them, but I do try where I can to mix both the literal meaning and the suggested meaning in the translation where I can. This one in particular, "atsuku," combines the kanji for "hot" ("atsui") and the kanji for "to burn (out/down)/scorch" ("yaku").

[3] A sirocco is a Mediterranean wind known for being very hot, dusty, and hurricane-fast. The kanji it stands for literally means "hot wind."

[4] "Seiun" can mean either "nebula" (common) or "galaxy" (archaic). Although this song refers to multiple galaxies later on, this specific line reads "in the mane of the constellation nebula/galaxy." Since the Orion Nebula fits this imagery perfectly (and Orion, a constellation, is also referenced later), I ultimately decided to translate it and the title as "nebula."

[5] Kruger likely refers to Kruger 60, a binary star. Sombrero refers to a galaxy by the same name. Magellan likely refers to the Magellanic Clouds, a pair of irregular dwarf galaxies. The others in this passage are well-known galaxies, stars, or constellations.

[6] The Chandrasekhar limit is the limit before which a white dwarf is able to maintain its form. Once it passes this limit, it experiences gravitational collapse and becomes a different type of compact star, such as a neutron star or a black hole.

Translated and transliterated by Ayu Ohseki

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