Asutoragarusu Chikyuu Sugoroku
Astragalus Earth Backgammon

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Album / Collection: OST 7: Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- (Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!-)
Track # 2

Vocals: Toukyou Konsei Gasshoudan, Engeki Jikkenshitsu "Ban'yuu Inryoku"
(Tokyo Mixed Chorus Troupe, Theatrical Laboratory "Universal Gravitation")
Lyrics, Music, Arrangement: J.A. Seazer

From 7th album "Bara Tamago Sosei Roku Sofia -Chuusei yo Yomigaere!- UTINAM REVIVISCAT MEDIUM AEVUM!"
(Rose Egg Revival Record Sophia -Middle Ages, Revive!- IF ONLY WE COULD REVIVE THE MIDDLE AGES!)

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Lyrics from
Chikyuu sugoroku    fune, ashi, kuruma
Seinaru kyuusoku    saikoro ruten
Chikyuu sugoroku    umi, riku, sanka
Seinaru furidashi    saikoro rinne

Lyrics from
Earth backgammon: by boat, by foot, by car
Holy repose: the dice's circle of
Earth backgammon: by sea, by land, by river
Holy throw: the dice's transmigration [1]

Lyrics from
Danieru Sho, mokushi    eigou sho, kaiki
"Ware ha ware no tame ni ikazu, ikazu
 Sekai no tame ni ware ha iku, iku"

Lyrics from
The Book of Daniel, apocalypse: the Eternal Book, recurrence [2]
"I live not for myself, myself
 I live for the world, the world"

Lyrics from
Chikyuu sugoroku    hakugai kikin
Intou, gyakusatsu    saikoro kaimei
Chikyuu sugoroku    teikoku pesuto
Seinaru Maou ga    saikoro shinpan

Lyrics from
Earth backgammon: persecutory famine
Lewdness, massacre: the dice's darkness
Earth backgammon: imperial pestilence
The Holy Devil is the dice's judgement

Lyrics from
Kamigami-tachi no honshou    ekupiroshisu no honoo
"Ware ha yakitsukusaretemo nao, nao
 Sekai no tame ni ware ha iku, iku"

Lyrics from
The true nature of the Gods, the flames of ekpyrosis [3]
"Even if I am burnt to nothing at all, at all
 I live for the world, the world"

Lyrics from
Chikyuu meisuu    komonjo yogen
Banshou eremento    shizen no keiji
Issai no mono ha tada hitotsu
Sore ha
"Waga, ware no, waga naru, ware taru, ware nari"
Hitotsu    hitori    hitomi    hitote    hitoe
Hitona    hitou    hitoto

Lyrics from
Earth's life span, ancient prophecy
The elements of all creation, natural revelation
All things are but one
That is
"My, mine, that is me, that which is me, that is called me"
One thing, one person, one's person, one's effort, one day
One self, one being, one human [4]

Lyrics from
Sore ha sunawachi
Umi no na    watashi
Riku no na    watashi
Ten no na    watashi
Ware no na    watashi
Watashi watashi
Watashi watashi
Watashi watashi

Lyrics from
That is namely
The name of the sea: myself
The name of the land: myself
The name of the heavens: myself
The name of me: myself
Myself myself
Myself myself
Myself myself

Lyrics from
Watashi Sofia
Watashi watashi watashi Sofia
Watashi watashi Sofia
Watashi Sofia watashi Sofia
Wata So shi wa Fi tashi A
Watashi Sofia
Wa So ta Fi shi A

Lyrics from
Myself Sophia [5]
Myself myself myself Sophia
Myself myself Sophia
Myself Sophia myself Sophia
Myse So lf my Phi self A
Myself Sophia
My So se Phi lf A

Lyrics from
Watashi Sofia
Sofia watashi

Lyrics from
I am Sophia
Sophia is me

[0] In the title, the "astragalus," a.k.a. the talus bone, refers to a bone in the foot that various cultures have used as dice or jacks.
"Sugoroku" is a Japanese dice-based board game identical to backgammon save some rule variations. Another version is closer to chutes and ladders.

[1] The "circle of... transmigration" refers to the Buddhist concept of samsara, known in Japanese (among other phrases) as "rutenrinne".

[2] Eternal recurrence (a.k.a. eternal return) is a philosophical concept known (among others) to the Stoics as the infinite recurrence of the universe in similar forms every time it ends and begins anew.

[3] The flames of ekpyrosis refer to a universe-ending blaze in Stoic beliefs.

[4] This sequence actually doesn't have a clear-cut translation, being made up of apparently nonsense words. The translations I chose derive from the prefix "hito" (one) and the suffixes/words "na" (I, you), "u" (Buddhist concept of bhama, or existence/becoming), and "to" (person), which seemed to fit the theme of this verse best.

[5] Sophia is in Gnosticism a goddess of wisdom, alternately an aspect of God, who chose to fall from Heaven in order to share her wisdom with and protect humanity.

Translated and transliterated by Ayu Ohseki

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