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Watashi Hidokei GUNOMOON
I Am the Gnomon of the Sundial

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Album / Collection: Barbara Waiseiko Mokushiroku (Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse)
Track # 7

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kakusareta chishiki ya hiden o imi suru
chishiki GUNOOSHISU, chichuu no sei GUNOOMU o gogen to suru
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON

Lyrics from
It means hidden knowledge and the transmission of secrets
From the same root as "gnosis," knowledge, and "gnome," a subterranean spirit
I am the gnomon of the sundial

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Lyrics from
Babylon, Berossus, hemisphere
Samos, Aristarchus, disc
Cnidus, Eudoxus, spider
Syracuse, Scopus, pillar base
Amisos, Dionysodorus, cone[1]

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Lyrics from

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watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
kage o mochiite nijuumentai
shitaiyoukei hakaru chie
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON
hikari no souzou ryoku to shite
gensou raisan kage * toki no

Lyrics from
I am the gnomon of the sundial
An icosahedron making use of the shadows
With the wisdom to measure apparent solar time
I am the gnomon of the sundial
Making the imagination of light my strength
An illusory worship of shadows and time

Lyrics from
ten no hokkyoku hi no kagebou
ten no nankyoku kage shimesu hari

Lyrics from
At the north pole of the heavens, a bar of shadow from the sun
At the south pole of the heavens, a clock hand pointing to shadow

Lyrics from
shitaiyou ji
shitaiyou hi
shitaiyou tsuki
shitaiyou nen

Lyrics from
Apparent solar hour
Apparent solar day
Apparent solar month
Apparent solar year

Lyrics from
KOMAgata hidokei (NOOMON)
sekidoushiki hidokei (HIJURA)
suichokushiki hidokei (GUNOOMON)
keitai hidokei (DIPPUTIKKU)

Lyrics from
Equatorial sundial (gnomon)
Equatorial bow sundial (Hijri)
Vertical sundial (gnomon)
Portable sundial (diptych)

Lyrics from
watashi hidokei GUNOMOON

Lyrics from
I am the gnomon of the sundial

Lyrics from
tentai no nagare no chie
kisetsu no utsuri kawari no chishiki
shizen no RIZUMU renkinjutsushi
toki no nagare chie no gensen

Lyrics from
Understanding of the movement of heavenly bodies
Knowledge of the changing of the seasons
An alchemist of the rhythms of nature
The flow of time; the fountain of wisdom

[1] Each of these lines lists, in reverse order, a form of sundial, the (supposed or probable) inventor of that form, and the location where that person lived. I couldn't find anything at all about Scopus, but here are the rest on Wikipedia:


Translated and transliterated by bluepenguin

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